Ed Royce Calls on USA to Stop Pampering North Korea's Plump New Dictator

Lil' Kim slammed by Lil' Ed
Ed Royce won praise this week from a national business publication that favors the Orange County congressman's tough North Korean policy stance over the Obama administration's carrot-style diplomacy.

Believing that U.S. officials are being "duped by evil" to continue to supply food to the totalitarian dictatorship in exchange for empty promises, Investor's Business Daily sided with Royce's view that food shipments only strengthen the regime.

Royce recently told a reporter, "Sending more food will just keep the Kim regime's inner circle well-fed."

The paper called the congressman's stance "wise."

Administration officials had hoped that Kim Jong-un, North Korea's new, young ruler, would usher in an era devoid of the childish military threats prone to his father's regime, but in recent weeks it has become apparent that the nuttiness was genetically transferred to junior.

This month, Kim has threatened to test a ballistic missile under the guise of weather satellite purposes but South Korean and American officials worry the rocket's real purpose is to strengthen offensive military capabilities.

north korea kid 6.jpg
What's with the ash mark on the forehead, Mr. Dictator?
Royce, the veteran Republican politician from Fullerton, predicted in December that the new dictator wouldn't institute rationale foreign policy because his firsthand sources from inside North Korea reported that Kim Jong-un had exhibited Jeffrey Dahmer-like traits in his youth: he too liked to torture and then kill small animals.
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Greg Diamond, quit drinking the liberal kool aid, cause it is going to dry up after November.  Let's face it , if we were not propping up places like South Korea and Afghanistan with thousands of men and women and tons of military supplies, those governments would have already been overthrown.  As it stands, America screwed the pooch when they allowed North Korea to attain nuclear weapons in the first place (Can't blame that one on Obama).  Not learning from our mistak there we now have your boy Barry Soetoro now about to do the same thing in Iran.  The President needs to grow a set of balls, quit running around the world kissing the ass of every dictator and other Anti-American leader who will drop his pants.  Your boy needs to go back and pay attention to the old Beatles song, "Can't buy me love."  Dictators understand only one thing, "The Iron Fist Concept," or meeting their force with greater overpwoering force.  America once feared and respected throughout the world is now a joke under Obama.  Bottom line is we need more elected officials with the gumption of Ed Royce. 

Greg Diamond
Greg Diamond

Starve Pyongyang and it will threaten, among other things, to blow up Seoul.  Does Royce think that that's a good thing?  Adults in government know that chilling down the weird North Korean dictatorship is a delicate process -- and that rule 1 is "don't make things worse with stupid belligerent saber rattling, you moron, because the North Koreans can read and you just gave them some great propaganda."

I know that Royce has got a longstanding problem with "multiculturalism," but for the the little Republican to put tens of millions of Korean lives at risk so as to get a little political advantage out of bashing the little Communist is a little extreme.  Would he be as carefree about inviting a nuclear war if this were happening in Europe?  The Obama Administration has recently helped to ratchet down conflict with the similarly (though non-nuclear) dictatorship in Burma/Myanmar; maybe Royce should watch more and talk less.



North Korea has acted time and time again like a petulant child... If they arent getting enough attention they pull some stupid little stunt like launching a ballistic missile as they are currently preparing to do... Jimmy carter went there in the 90's and left with the agreed framework that the North Koreans never intended to honor... Get what we can form the stupid westerners and then business as usual.  When you make an agreement your expected to stick by it and they chose differently. There have to be consequences to that!

I agree with Patrick... there are those in our government who will be bullied by despotic regimes and there are those with the stones to stand up to them.. One is our President and the other is Ed Royce!

Good Job Ed you are well on your way to earning my vote in the upcoming election... Then again a nutless monkey would be a better option than Gary Miller!  

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