Diamond-Shaped UFO Reportedly Hovers Over Costa Mesa

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If you've been seeing diamonds in the sky, you either need to cool it on the drugs, Lucy, or you live in Costa Mesa. 

According to a witness report filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a diamond-shaped object that shined "brighter than the sun lights" appeared in the air on April 5. The unnamed motorist noticed it while driving south on Harbor Boulevard near the 405. 

"I noticed the vehicle hovering, so I thought it was a helicopter, but it did not have aviation lights," the witness stated, and "it was much too big to be a helicopter."

After pulling over, the UFO-sighter noticed that the object looked like "two diamonds connected in the middle" and made a humming sound. The report states that several people "watched in awe" before it glided away in a northeast direction. 

No photos or videos of the object have surfaced yet. Come onnnn, Instagrammers. Get on it! 

MUFON PR director Roger Marsh tells Huffington Post that "the diamond shape is probably in the top six or seven most reported UFOs," but the humming noise is unique. 

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Will there be protest of extraterrestrial aliens invading our country and taking our high paying jobs?


I've seen so many UFOs in Costa Mesa. Two times it was the same one...likesome row of lights that moved in an organic "caterpillar" movement.Both times it started right at sunset in Costa Mesavisible from Bristol and I followed it all theway home to Santa Ana,one time the entire neighborhood saw it until someone fired a gun at it and itwent away. Other times I've seen a sideways diamond light that turns red, blueand yellow, but that one might be some helicopter. Except it doesn't reallymove it just stays in the same position all night. I discussed the caterpillarone at work and most people that lived near costa mesa also saw it the same nights I did.  

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