[UPDATED with Stats:] Costa Mesa Sobriety Checkpoint Saturday; Garden Grove Reveals Stop Stats and Plans

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UPDATE, APRIL 27, 11:58 A.M.: If you believe sobriety checkpoints cost cities too much for the inconvenience and scant arrests they generate, the Costa Mesa Police Department counters with this: you're wrong.

Funded by grants from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, checkpoints save $6 for every $1 spent, claims CMPD, citing NHTSA figures.

Saturday night's operation at Harbor Boulevard and Peterson Place yielded the following:

  • 2,434 vehicles passed through;
  • 298 vehicles were screened;
  • 7 suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol were arrested;
  • 1 suspected of driving under the influence of drugs was arrested;
  • 6 were cited or arrested for allegedly operating a vehicle without a drivers license or a revoked or suspended one;
  • 3 citations were issued;
  • 1 motorist was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

Was it worth it?

UPDATE, APRIL 27, 11:58 A.M.: The Anaheim Police Department announces it will run a DUI/drivers license checkpoint on Lincoln Avenue from 8 tonight through 2 a.m. Saturday.

ORIGINAL POST, APRIL 27, 8:23 A.M.: The Costa Mesa Police Department is holding a DUI/drivers license checkpoint somewhere in the city from 8 p.m. Saturday through 2 a.m. Sunday. Drivers passing through will be examined for signs of alcohol and/or drug impairment, so consider yourself warned, Woody Harrelson.

Getting caught is no joke as motorists brushed with the letters D-U-I can expect jail, license suspensions, insurance increases, fines, fees, mandated DUI classes, court probation and other expenses that could exceed $10,000, warns CMPD.

The city over the past three years has hosted 535 DUI-related collisions that have claimed nine lives and injured 231 people. "We arrested over 2,700 DUI's during those three years," says Traffic Sgt. Greg Scott.

As Costa Mesa gets ready to spread the traffic cones, the Garden Grove Police Department announces its April 14 checkpoint at 12100 Harbor Blvd. resulted in: 1,362 vehicles being screened, four alcohol DUI arrests, one drug DUI arrest, 38 citations being issued and seven vehicles being impounded for 30 days.

As is the case with other departments, the Costa Mesa and Garden Grove stops were funded by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration.

Those grants also fund other enforcements, like the saturation patrols Garden Grove's DUI
Enforcement Team will conduct next Friday, May 4, and another DUI/drivers license checkpoint scheduled within Garden Grove city limits from 9 p.m. May 19 through 2 a.m. May 20.

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