BREAKING: Chris McAmis Pleads Guilty, Officially a Murderer

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Courtesy Orange County Sheriffs Department
McAmis's booking photo
At what was expected to be a preliminary hearing, the accused murderer of Fullerton College student Lynsie Ekelund pleaded guilty today. Christopher Michael McAmis, 32, will serve a sentence of 15 years to life for murdering 20-year-old Ekelund in 2001 at his Whittier apartment.

Ekelund disappeared Feb. 17, 2001, after spending a night out with McAmis. The former Fullerton resident claimed he dropped her off in the early morning near her Placentia home. But following his 2010 arrest, investigators said he confessed to attempting to rape Ekelund at his apartment, then strangling her and burying her corpse at a construction site where he worked in Santa Clarita. 

While the young woman's mother, Nancy Ekelund, spent nearly 10 years trying to keep her missing daughter's case in the minds of reporters and detectives alike, McAmis married and had a daughter of his own. He lived a few miles from where he claimed to have last seen Ekelund, working construction jobs and operating a video-game website. He has been held without bail for 538 days, and spent most of that time in Los Angeles County Jail.

The admitted killer spent most of today's hearing staring at the floor while standing in the courtroom's glass booth, clad in an orange jumpsuit with his hands shackled. He quietly answered yes to questions posed by Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Michael Michelena informing him of his rights. Nearby, Lynsie's parents, Nancy and Stewart Ekelund, watched stoically before stepping before the court to give impact statements. 

"I don't know if you're sorry for this," Nancy told McAmis in a meek voice. "It doesn't make any difference anymore." She also explained to the court that her daughter was a loving and naive person who trusted everyone. "She trusted Chris."

During her impact statement, family friend Kimberly Keith sobbed as she looked at McAmis and asked him how he would feel if someone treated his daughter the way he had treated Lynsie. "I don't believe you have a heart," she said. 

In addition to his prison sentence, McAmis was ordered to pay $2,000 in restitution and parole fees, as well as supply a sample of his DNA to law enforcement. His wife, Kim, who proclaimed his innocence to the Weekly in 2010 and has been at many of his hearings, was not present today.

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Unfortunately that is the price that he and his innocent family will have to pay for what he did, just never put your hands on fire for anyone, this is the lesson that I hope you and other's have learned from all this.


For the record, Chris defendant asked his wife to not attend this hearing.


Hi dear guest! This is Gabriela. One of my friends told me I had a comment over here, so I followed the link.

Your question: Why I am not defending him...The Chris I knew wasn't like the Chris everyone was describing when all of this started. Period. That is why I went to their house and ate at their table. That is why I thought he was good for my friend. Unlike other people (probably you?) who were talking the worse of him and describing how you knew him so well, when just a few days before he was arrested the same people were hanging with him. Hypocrites.This is America, where you are not guilty until proven. I stand by my friends because there have been mistakes, and not even his wife knew what happened. He could have denied it AGAIN. But guess what? He confessed. Why? Probably because now he has a family, and a daughter. The best thing of his life. Maybe he wanted to make peace with God or karma, call it whatever you want, for the sake of his child. But who knows? Only he knows. The fact is that he got a sentence. I hope Lindsey can now rest in peace because no matter who did it, it shouldn't happen to anyone. I will say it again, my prayers are with her family. She is in a better place but I can't imagine what her mother has gone through.

But, even if he is guilty, I still think it is unfair to HIS FAMILY, who has nothing to do with what he did, that people (people? vultures!) just talk, and talk, and talk very negative things that only his daughter will read. I encourage these people to pay him a visit, and like I said before, tell HIM anything your heart desires.

I'm still on my friend's side (his wife) as I was on day one. And she deserves respect. I do not know yet what she will do with her life, but I will continue to support her. And I am SO tired of people giving her lectures, like if they have been through what she's been through and the know better...So I'm back. To continue to defend her best interest.

Are you willing to say your name, Dear Guest?Do you have any other question or comment for me?Have a great day. And get a life.


Funny, I don't see Gabrielle on here defending him now - saying what a great guy he is and how we don't know him...what's the matter got your tongue?

mitch young
mitch young

Fifteen to life? Seems pretty light. 


It's about time. 


@Guest Fuck off Gabby - it's apparent you did NOT know him, but were just living in a fantasy world about what a great guy he was

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