Catholic Rector Tapped For Crystal Cathedral

They haven't made a public announcement yet, but the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange appears to have picked a rector for the Crystal Cathedral.

Rev. Christopher Smith is expected to take the post in June or July, according to Stephen Bohannon, a spokesman for the Diocese.

"It's not effective until June, and we haven't made an official announcement," Bohannon said.

Laguna Beach Patch first reported the story, noting that Smith assists with Masses at the Mission Basilica in San Juan Capistrano, and holds a masters in divinity from St. John's Seminary, and a masters in religious education from Fordham University.

The Diocese has yet to rename the religious palace, which it bought for $57.5 million.

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Clearly a reward for his stellar work covering up the mis-deeds of his KIDDIE PORN associate pastor Fr. Cesar Salazar at St. Joseph. Such a shining performance got him promoted to a position in which he was able enable Monsignior John Urell's flight to Canada as the Vicar of priests.

Nobody can say they don't take care of their own at Marywood.

And it never hurts when your sister is Mayor of Orange either!

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