Someone Tries to Set Ablaze Homeless Man Sleeping on Bus Bench

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Courtesy of Anaheim Police Dept.
Here we go again: someone is apparently trying to kill homeless men in Orange County. This time, it was not a fatal stabbing, like the six Izzy Ocampo is accused of pulling off late last year and early this year, but an attempted death by fire.

Anaheim Police Sgt. and spokesman Robert Dunn says it happened while a homeless man was sleeping on a bus bench in the 2000 block of South Harbor Boulevard early today.

Police received a call at 12:43 a.m. about a witness who saw the bus bench aflame and jostled the unidentified, 53-year-old homeless man awake to save him. Both were unharmed, according to Dunn.

Evidence collected at the scene indicates the fire was intentionally set, according to the sergeant, who added the case is being investigated as an attempted murder. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective B. Linn at 714.765.1944 or to anonymously Orange County Crime Stoppers at 855.847.6227 or log on to

Here are more shots from the crime scene:


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Anona Mouse
Anona Mouse

The arsonist should just give the homeless a bus ticket to Huntington Beach and let their trigger happy police do the job for him.

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