Assistant Principal Who Yanked Gay Student From Mr. Fullerton Pageant to Return to Teaching Next School Year

The Fullerton Union High School assistant principal who gave the hook to a gay student during the Mr. Fullerton pageant earlier this month will apparently return to teaching next school year.

In the meantime, Joe Abell will resume his role as assistant principal on Wednesday, according to the Fullerton Joint Union High School District. 

Abell pulled Kearian Giertz from the pageant after he said he supported gay marriage and hoped it would become legal in California. Abell later publicly apologized to Giertz, and George J. Giokaris, superintendent of the school district, said Giertz's statements did not violate any school rules.

According to an Orange County Register report, Abell was removed from the campus on Monday, and was working in the district office.

But in a statement released today, Giorkas says Abell will return to the campus on Wednesay, and has been granted a request -- which he submitted in January -- to teach again in the 2012-13 school year:


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Leaf Inapool
Leaf Inapool

The phrase, "so he (Abell) can spend more time with his wife and three young children" is simply precious.  The only line that would make it even more hilarious and unbelievable is if Giokaris announced Abell was checking himself into rehab.  Abell clearly exercised poor judgement.  However, don't think for a second the Giokaris did what he did for the right reasons.  Giokaris doesn't care about the student in question.  He cares only about himself.  I've had dealings with the man in the past.  Rest assured he will always do what is best for him.  That's how the man operates.

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