Dana Point Harbor Marijuana Smuggler Sentenced in Federal Court

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On July 9, 2011, David Rex Wilterding and his son Justin arrived in Dana Point Harbor on a 23-foot boat from Mexico and won unwanted attention by acting suspiciously.

Two U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in the area noticed the men loitering near a boat ramp, confronted them and searched the boat.

They found 495 pounds of packaged marijuana, according to federal court records.

The ICE agents also confronted Armando Naranjo-Larios at the Chevy pickup truck with a trailer that was there to retrieve the boat.

That search produced $5,900 in cash and four cell phones, according to federal court records.

The three arrested individuals eventually pleaded guilty.

This week, U.S. District Judge David O. Carter sentenced Naranjo-Larios--a 40-year-old father of four kids and a resident of Ensenada, Mexico--to a prison term of 37 months plus four years of supervised probation after he's released from custody.

Laguna Niguel's Justin Warren Wilterding, 34, is scheduled to be sentenced on July 9. His 57-year-old dad, a resident of San Ysidro, learns his fate seven days earlier.

Without explanation, prosecutors dismissed charges against a fourth man arrested at the harbor, Octavio Ruiz-Toledo.

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ships full of drugs are such a cliche surely they could chose a less obvious way to smuggle them.


The idea of waging a war on drugs, against a relatively benign plant like marijuana, is one thing. But when it ravages so viciously that completely innocent people are destroyed, to hide corruption amongst government officials, it becomes a plague.

What am I talking about?

This film:http://www.expendable.tv

So deep is the corruption, that the Australian media won't report it... won't report cables which prove criminal acts by their own ministers in office (see them for yourelf, in the reports). 

Granted, the media there has a closed remit and non-plural ownership, but this speaks for itself. A wall of absolute silence.

The victim is now seriously ill, whilst they basically point the other way. Whilst they smear her deceased father because dead men can't sue. Whilst they cover the truth, and lead a gullible Australian public by the nose.

This must be the clearest example in the world of a 'war' taking a life of its own, with innocent human beings who fall under the wheel, being disregarded by the powerful self-interest forces of government. It sickens me. 


The police are supposed to be here to protect us. www.leap.cc Why do they lobby for prohibition when prohibition is far more destructive than any "danger" you would ever face from marijuana? The only thing truly dangerous about marijuana is prohibition. Would marijuana have any monetary value if it was growing in half the yards in the country? Yes, about as much as your tomatoes.


Suspect: David Rex Wilterding Crime: Smuggling MarihuanaSentence: 37 Months Federal Detention

Suspect: Jon CorzineCrime: Embezzling $1.6 Billion from InvestorsSentence: N-O-N-E ..was actually offered a severance package worth $12.1 million

Suspect: Angelo R. Mozilo Crime: Insider Trading & Securities FraudSentence: N-O-N-E ..he actually received (and kept) a $470 Million BONUS

WTF? AlI can add to this is..

Suspect: U.S. District Judge David O. Carter Crime: Impersonating a Federal JudgeSentence: My Foot Up His Ass As Far As It'll Go! 

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