Anaheim Councilwoman Lorri Galloway Stripped of 'Mayor Pro Tem' Title in Latest GardenWalk Hotel Spat

Of all the concerns and issues of importance affecting Anaheim -- like transparency, officer-involved shootings, violent crime, poverty -- its latest city council meeting yesterday evening fixated around a motion to strip councilwoman Lorri Galloway of her 'Mayor Pro Tem' title. 

Seriously? Seriously.

The latest spat over the 3-2 vote in late January to complete a controversial $158 bed-tax giveaway for a GardenWalk hotel project was rehashed in a cynical display of petty politics. Galloway, who, alongside Mayor Tom Tait, voted against it, was targeted for using the title to promote a 'Let the People Vote Charter Amendment' that would put transient occupancy tax subsidies on the ballot.

Public comments commenced on a strange footing with resident James Robert Reed's racist screed comparing the Latino community in Anaheim, under the flimsy guise of railing against gangs and graffiti, with bonobos--cousins to chimps. After the baboso stopped blabbering about bonobos in an uninterrupted display that would make an early 20th century eugenicist blush, the majority of speakers took to the podium to address the impending title takeaway.

Larry Larsen of the Take Back Anaheim coalition spoke against it saying "we are the Anaheim tea party" and later another gentlemen excoriated councilwoman Kris Murray as being of the 1% in the language of Occupy. A teamster would retort claiming the mantle of the 99% while supporting the hotel trio, as the President of Support Our Anaheim Resort (SOAR) had done before, flipping the slogan from "let the people vote" to "let the people work." Anaheim politics sure are making for strange bed(tax)fellows these days.

Council members Murray, Gail Eastman and Harry Sidhu were also admonished by an elderly board member of the Anaheim Senior Center who said, "you're acting like spoiled children who want their own way and not the people's way. I think it's about time the three of you grow up!" The raging granny's advice was not heeded and the outcome was as predictable as could be.

After public comments, Murray made a motion to have Harry Sidhu become Mayor Pro Tem as his finishes out his term claiming, "the only recourse available to this council to keep that ceremonial title from being put on a ballot and voter pamphlet materials is to reappoint the position." As the move was framed as retaliatory by critics all meeting long, the councilwoman added,"This is not personal."

Sensing what was coming, Galloway said, "I have never needed a title to stand up for what is right," as she stood up to the applause of her gathered supporters. Eastman seconded Murray's motion-- no way!--and the same trio that voted for the giveaway secured another 3-2 vote to strip Galloway of her title. Shocking!

Now Sidhu, who Voice of OC reported as having been the benefactor of campaign contributions from the hoteliers in question, is once again Mayor Pro Tem.

"I'm very disappointed with the vote tonight," Tait said in his closing comments. "I think it hinders us moving forward." With that, he thanked Galloway for her services performed under the title that she now no longer retains.

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Rescue BononbosEvict Latino Gangbangers and Graffiti Vandals

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Bonobo populations declined from 200,000 in 1976 to 100,000 in 1996 and with less than 10,000 today are projected to drop to 4,000 by 2030. If we take no action Bonobos will be extinct while Latino gangbangers and graffiti vandals will overwhelm the planet.

In contrast to the male dominated criminal culture of Latino gangbangers and graffiti vandals in Anaheim, Bonobos society is peaceful and powered by females. Bonobos are loving, caring and compassionate and Bonobos males are very polite unlike Latino gangbangers and graffiti vandals who are aggressive and nasty and sells drugs in the alley and wave illegal firearms at police at 9:45 at night.

Bonobos in captivity have learned to use human language unlike Latino gangbangers and graffiti vandals who flunk out of Anaheim High School and use gangbang gibberish.

Bonobo Females migrate to other groups when they reach puberty eliminating the chance for incest and this increases genetic diversity whereas incest is prevalent among females and their Latino uncles as reported by Mrs. Contreras' daughter Lisa Herrera and this decreases genetic diversity in Anaheim which breeds defective character and forms the psychological basis for gangbanging and graffiti vandalism in Latinos in Anaheim.

Our sibling species the bonobo is facing extinction. We humans have a responsibility to do everything we can to protect them. The Bonobo Conservation Initiative needs our help. Log on to For mentally incompetent Caucasians like Mr. Fitzgerald and intellectually defunct Latinos like the Latino Mr. Fitzgerald John Leo's, That's b o n o b o .o r g.

Latino gangbangers and graffiti vandals in Anaheim need our help too. We humans have a responsibility to arrest, legitimately charge, heavily fine and sweep Latino gangbangers and graffiti vandals and their culpable Latino parents as soon as possible.

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

Watching my elected representatives—I am a proud resident of Anaheim—is like watching the petty politics of a South County HOA.

You represent Anaheim, O wise and sagacious City Council; start acting like it. I can be fired for embarrassing my employer; I wish the same were true of you.


Ironically, Sidhu, Eastman and Murray received their own private suite at each of the hotels in the resort area where they can continue their pocket padding threesomes and rain down the golden showers of greed and self centered politicking on the citizens (legal and otherwise) of Anaheim. Shameful.... Not that Galloway's grandstanding is any better, but seriously... To quote another great orator, "This town needs an enema!" 

Manny Subia
Manny Subia

Great comment!.......and also a Great Quote!.....I believe that was Jack Nicholson as the Joker in the Orig. Batman lol 

gabriel san roman
gabriel san roman

 Yeah, and he got flipped the bird to his face. "Hello neighbor" indeed!

gabrielsanroman topcommenter

@James Robert Reade For people re-reading this now, yes, this man referred to Victoria De Gomez as a monkey.

James Robert Reade
James Robert Reade

Victoria Gomez exposed herself as a Culpable Latino Parent with the vulgar gesture, and remark,"California was Mexico first". Typical Anaheim Latino's mindset: overwhelming domination of gangbanger activity and graffiti vandalism is culturally accepted territorial acquisition.James Robert Reade

gabriel san roman
gabriel san roman

 Hey, I thought you were only riffing on gangbangers and taggers. Oops!

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