Akeem Jelani Johnson Gets 8 Years for Raping Drunk Aussie and Dumping Her Behind Bar

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Akeem Jelani Johnson, the Tustin 28-year-old who raped a drunken Australian tourist in the back of a car before dumping her in an alley behind Godfather's Bar, was sentenced today to eight years in state prison and mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender.

A jury last month convicted Johnson of one felony count of rape of an intoxicated woman.

Between 10 and 11 p.m. on Nov. 25, 2010--just after Thanksgiving--Johnson was drinking with friends at Godfather's, where he met the 47-year-old woman who was in town visiting friends and obviously drunk.

Johnson escorted her outside to his parked SUV just after midnight, when he raped her in the backseat before convincing a couple buddies to help him lift and carry the woman to the alley. She was passed out as she was dumped onto an old, dirty mattress.

Two people were later arrested for the rape, but the charge against Johnson was the only one that stuck.

"My confident nature has taken a beating," the Aussie woman wrote in a victim's impact statement read as Johnson was being convicted. "I become anxious around male strangers. I have trouble functioning without fear and anxiety in unfamiliar surroundings and become nervous of anyone coming too close to my personal space... This whole ordeal has changed me for life. I will never be the same person I was before Thanksgiving 2010."

Neither will he. For one thing, as a registered sex offender, Johnson will be barred from city and county parks that have enacted child safety zones.

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Wow, I wonder why I never heard of this story until now! What could be the reason? And where is Jesse by the way? Where is Al right now? I don't see the New Black Panther Party ANYWHERE, oh where've  those silly billies dissapeared to? Hey, a serious crime was committed here! (Possibly a HATE crime) Hey over HERE fellas! Why are you all looking away?? I saw you glancing over, and then ignoring and pretending like you didn't look, what's up with that?

TNB Again
TNB Again

Filthy monkey, i hope he gets raped every day by his new prison "friends".


I agree with you. In that case they need to bar drunk drivers from liquor stores; bars; or drug users from entering Rite-Aids/CVS stores; you get the pic.


His offense, however vile it may be, had nothing to do with children. Whats the point of banning him from parks and beaches, so called 'child safety zones' after he paid his debt to society?


I agree for the most part with both of you and I love your analogy except to say a very good number of first time DUI offenders inadvertently left a bar, restaurant, or party not intending to break the law thinking they were within the legal limit. 

No rapist ever raped a chick and dumped her body in an alley thinking he wasn't breaking the law.   

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