A $100 Chat With Octomom Nadya Suleman: She Doesn't Do 'Reverse Cowgirl'; Supports Obama; Loves Taco Bell

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OC Weekly: Between the two of them, who would you, you know, who would you rather sleep with?
Octomom: I would probably, if I, if I could have an opportunity, I was going to, I was gonna vote for Obama to begin with and I'm, I'm still consistent with that. I'm a supporter.
OC Weekly: Who would you rather sleep with? Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?
Octomom: Oh. No. Oh. Not (unintelligible) myself. Seriously. (Laughter) (Unintelligible) Anybody. No human. No animal. Nothing. No one. Totally celibate. I will not be that way.
OC Weekly: You could repopulate the planets with Mitt, you know. He's a Mormon. He likes the babies.
Octomom: I know. (Laughter) I've heard that before. I have, I have. Yeah, but, baby factory, uh, closed permanently. Thank you though. (Laughter) Whatever. Go ahead. Ask any question. Anything other than the food stamps.

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