A $100 Chat With Octomom Nadya Suleman: She Doesn't Do 'Reverse Cowgirl'; Supports Obama; Loves Taco Bell

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Octomomma is chatty for the right price
Nadya Suleman is one celibate, Taco Bell-loving, non-Hunger Games-watching gal.

I spoke with La Habra's most famous yesterday through Dial-a-star.com, where other losers can chat with D-List celebrities for as little as $2 a minute, or $100 a minute, depending one's, uh, taste in pop culture.

She charges $14 a minute only!

Here's our exchange:

Octomom: Hello?
OC Weekly: Hi. Is this Nadya?
Octomom: Hello?
OC Weekly: Hi. Is this Nadya?
Octomom: Hi. Yes, I'm sorry. I didn't know if you could hear me. It's a bad...can you hear me? It's a really bad area of reception. My phone sucks. Can you hear me?
OC Weekly: Yeah. fine.
Octomom: Oh. Good, good. I'm kind of like, climbing on top of the children again. I have to do that because (unintelligible) in my back yard. (unintelligible) is outside in the back yard. Thank you, thank you, thank you for calling. I'm grateful for your time.
OC Weekly: My name's Josh Dulaney. I'm a staff writer at OC Weekly. Do you read that? Octomom: No. I don't have time to (unintelligible) no I don't. No.

Break to deposit more money.

Octomom: It's like, really bad. Hello? Hi. Hi. I'm sorry about that.
OC Weekly: Do you mind if I record our conversation? Is that OK?
Octomom: Um, I'm sure it's fine. The only thing I want to convey to you...I'm not supposed to talk...according to my manager...I'm not supposed to talk about the food stamp issue.
OC Weekly: About the what issue? Oh. OK.
Octomom: I can talk about anything else. The food stamp issue. Yeah.
OC Weekly: Who you gonna for vote between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama?
Octomom: (Laughter) Oh boy. You know what? I'm a registered voter, and if I had time, I will try my best to make the time, because I don't have any help, I...tried, this is a funny story, when I was pregnant with the eight, thought it was seven, I was on my way at my end of (unintelligible) with the other kids, and I was going to vote for Obama, so I started to have severe pains in my, my ribs. I thought I was having kidney failure (unintelligible) so I turned around...and we went back home. So I didn't make it. I didn't (unintelligible) get a vote...because I got...when my little one broke the rib...kicked my rib out of... dislocated my rib hiding baby eight.

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