Todd Spitzer To Give Keynote Speech At Chapman University Law Event

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If you've never had the chance to hear Todd Spitzer give a speech, you can wipe that accomplishment off your bucket list later this month.

Spitzer, the former high-ranking prosecutor and Republican state Assemblyman who will soon return to his old post as a county supervisor, is scheduled to give the keynote speech at Chapman University's School of Law Annual Awards Dinner on March 20 at the Hilton DoubleTree hotel in Orange.

Blame the screams you just heard on a smiling Susan Kang Schroeder, who is undoubtedly stabbing her well-worn Spitzer voodoo doll.

Spitzer--presently campaigning for a county supervisor seat against underdog Deborah Pauly--is an excellent public speaker but he if twitches uncontrollably, stutters or starts punching himself in his face during his speech, you know who is responsible.

The future Orange County District Attorney if he has his way, Spitzer will talk about Marsy's Law and "the continuing fight for victim rights" in California.

The event celebrates the work of the university's Public Law Foundation and also honors Richard D. Fybel, a veteran justice at the California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana.

Go HERE to purchase tickets to the 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. event.

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Mary Jane Doe
Mary Jane Doe

I'm sorry, but you are just plain wrong.  Todd works RELENTLESSLY for victims of violent crime and to keep dangerous criminals off our streets. His keynote speech was excellent. It was aimed at inspiring law students to devote all or part of their careers to public service. We need more politicians like him.   Here's a list of his accomplishments? Those laws don't write themselves. And those awards are hard earned and well deserved.

What have you done lately?   State-Wide Chairman and Campaign Manager, Proposition 9, Marsy’s Law, “Victim Bill of Rights” State-Wide Co-Chairman, Proposition 69, DNA “fingerprint” Initiative Orange County Chairman, Jessica’s Law, Anti-Child Predator Initiative Orange County Chairman, No on Proposition 66, the Anti-Three Strikes Initiative   California Senate Fellow (1982-1983)

English Teacher, Roosevelt High School, Los Angeles Unified School District (1984-85)

Brea-Olinda School Board Trustee (1992-1996) Deputy District Attorney, County of Orange (1990-1997) •Voted Outstanding Prosecutor (1994)

Reserve Police Officer, Los Angeles Police Department (1990-2001) •Reserve Officer of the Year (1999)

Orange County Board of Supervisors, Third District (1997-2002) •Director, Orange County Fire Authority (Chairman, 2000) •Director, San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor Agency •Director, Foothill-Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency •Member, Four-Corners Working Group •Orange County Transportation Authority Board of Directors (Chairman, 2002)

Deputy District Attorney, County of Orange (2007 - August 2010)  Legislative Member, Police Officers’ Memorial Foundation, California, 2008-2010 In 2005, Crime Victims United of California named Assemblyman Spitzer “Legislator of the Year.”  In 2004, the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault named him its “Legislator of the Year,” citing his extensive work with Megan’s Law and his dedication to protecting victims of sexual assault.  For his expertise and service on the Assembly Public Safety Committee, the California State Sheriff’s Association named Spitzer “Outstanding Assembly Member” and awarded him its "Lifetime Career Achievement" Award for his lead role in addressing state prison overcrowding as the Chairman of the Select Committee on Prison Construction and Operations in the Assembly.  In 2005, the Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney’s Association presented Spitzer with a Special Distinction Award for his efforts to defeat Proposition 66. In addition, the California Narcotics Officers Association named him its Legislator of the Year in 2006 for his knowledge and expertise on narcotics and drug trafficking and his outspoken support to crack down on methamphetamine’s use and production. Assemblyman Spitzer served as Honorary Board Member to the Doris Tate Crime Victims Bureau and as a Board Member for Crime Survivors, Inc., as well as the Trauma Intervention Programs (TIP).  He also served as a member of the Orange County Bar Association Administration of Justice Committee.  Spitzer serves as a Board Member for the Orange County Council Boy Scouts of America.  In 2003, he received that organization’s Visionary Award, given annually to a person who exemplifies the attributes of the Scout Oath and Law and has demonstrated leadership and philanthropy in the Hispanic and Latino communities. Spitzer served for 10 years as a Level 1 Line Reserve Police Officer (Penal Code section 830.36) for the Los Angeles Police Department in the Hollenbeck Division in East Los Angeles. During the nine month Police Academy training, Spitzer was chosen Class Leader and graduated number 2 in his class.  During his decade of service at Hollenbeck, Spitzer volunteered for more than 6,000 street hours and was instrumental in starting the Hollenbeck Division Driving Under the Influence Task Force.   In 1999, Assemblyman Spitzer was named Reserve Officer of the Year for his Division and also for the entire Central Bureau of LAPD.  His supervisors evaluated him as follows: “The adjectives thorough, thoughtful and mature accurately describe Line Reserve Officer Todd Spitzer.  His work is of high caliber.  His determination to be the best at whatever he does is evident in the quality of work and service he provides.  Spitzer is an unselfish, tireless worker who is compassionate, helpful and responsive to the community he serves.  He is a thinker and a doer.  He responds to each situation with a fresh and new attitude…Spitzer is frequently sought out by officers for his legal expertise and his knowledge of the criminal justice system.  Spitzer is a true asset, a fine officer and a good man.  Hollenbeck thanks him for his dedication and loyalty.” In 2008, his alma mater, William M. Schurr High School, in Montebello, California, inducted Spitzer into its Alumni Hall of Fame for his commitment to the Law and Politics.AWARDS Golden Badge Foundation (Southern California Law Enforcement Agencies) Legislative Leadership Award, 2006California Rifle and Pistol AssociatioOutstanding Legislator Award, 2005, Second Amendment Advocate recognitionOutstanding Legislator Award, 2005, Second Amendment Advocate recognitionLatino Peace Officers Association, National and California Chapters, Outstanding Public Service recognition, National and California Chapters, Outstanding Public Service recognitionCommunity Services Program (CSP) Victim Witness Services, Outstanding Advocate for Children and Victims of Crime, 2002 (CSP) Victim Witness Services, Outstanding Advocate for Children and Victims of Crime, 2002The Raise Foundation, Outstanding Community Activist, on behalf of Protecting Children, 2006, Outstanding Community Activist, on behalf of Protecting Children, 2006Crime Survivors, Inc., Outstanding Legislator Award, Service to Victims Award , Outstanding Legislator Award, Service to Victims Award Mothers Against Drunk Drivers,  Outstanding Prosecutor Award ,  Outstanding Prosecutor Award California State Sheriff's Association, Outstanding Legislator and Lifetime Career Achievement Awards , Outstanding Legislator and Lifetime Career Achievement Awards Parents of Murdered Children, Orange County Chapter, special appreciation recognition, special appreciation recognitionBoy Scouts of America, Visionary Award for Outstanding commitment to the Hispanic and Latino communities

Orange County District Attorney’s Office, Outstanding Prosecutor Award 

Steve Grasha
Steve Grasha


Is he really considered keynote material?

Have we fallen that low in California? 

Isn't there someone still alive that has accomplished something outside of spending other peoples money?

What happened to my father's Republican party?

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