Ted Nishihara, Tutor and Substitute Teacher, Makes Grade for Week's Ugliest Police Mugshot

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As one who took many bad yearbook photos, I feel for Ted Nishihara having to look back at this booking photo that has been splashed all over the teevees, interwebs and fish wraps. However, there is no room for sympathy when choosing the Ugliest Police Mugshot of the Week, so the substitute teacher takes the . . . um . . . honors?

There's no sympathy for him if he's guilty of what he's accused of: touching a girl in a sexual way during a middle-school class.

The incident that got Nishihara popped happened March 2 at Los Coyotes Middle School in La Mirada, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Investigators say they are interviewing other possible victims of the 29-year-old, who also subbed at schools in Garden Grove and Norwalk and tutored at ABC Unified and SCORE! Education Center.

Nishihara pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor child molestation at his arraignment Wednesday. He's due back in court March 28.

According to his Facebook page, he has taken at least one not-so-ugly photo:

Ted Nishihara_facebook.jpg

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mitch young
mitch young

It's cool to see a younger, 'pure' Japanese American. There is so much outmarriage in that group they are gradually disappearing, which is too bad, because they really are (or were) a unique community in California.

Of course, this dude could also be a 'mixed' Asian. Anyway, he's not been convicted yet, and there is such panic about this stuff these days, it's probably a bit unfair to be posting his photo just yet.


seriously....what kind of a blogger ru

Ticked Off
Ticked Off

Posting this just goes to show how ugly your heart is.  Grow up!  Stop judging people based on outward appearances!  Clearly if you're only able to write something about how attractive or not someone is then you're still stuck in a childish superficial high school mindset.


Sorry the citizen of the week is uglier and even more of a douche than this dude.


matt coker, i hope you die

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