Steve Rocco, Ex-Educator, Andy Kaufman Reincarnator and Ketchup Thief, Now Running For OC Supervisor!

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It'll take more than a lifetime of failed election bids (not including one wildly successful, from a comedic point of view, tenure as a school trustee), and repeated arrests for shoplifting to stop Steve Rocco.

On March 8, one day after Janet Nguyen filed her own declaration of candidacy for a second term as Orange County's first-district supervisor, so did Rocco. Describing himself as a politically unaffiliated "retired educator," Rocco is so far the only candidate other than Nguyen herself to join the race.

Let the batshit-loco insanity begin!

Back in 2004, after years of unsuccessfully seeking public office and refusing to sell vintage albums borrowed from the public library to potential customers at Santa Ana swap meets,  Rocco won a seat on the Orange Unified School District board of trustees. At monthly meetings, he intrigued audience members, including television news crews, by wearing black beanie caps and dark sunglasses, and for delivering rambling tirades about a secret cabal called the "Partnership" which he claimed controls Orange County government and had threatened his own life, which as the Weekly revealed at the time, was actually a piece of performance art by the deceased comedian Andy Kaufman.

Historians as well as astute observers of Orange County's absurdist political landscape know that Rocco's first brush with the so-called Partnership (which is helmed by Albertsons, Kodak Corp. and SmokeCraft Sausages) occurred back in 1981 when police arrested Rocco for shoplifting some camera film and sausages from a Santa Ana supermarket. It wouldn't be the last time the Partnership used the shoplifting smear against him.

 In Sept. 2008, a Chapman University security guard busted Rocco biking away from a cafeteria with an unrefrigerated, half-consumed bottle of Heinz Ketchup. Rocco fought the arrest, but after a gleefully absurd trial, he was convicted the following year. That didn't stop him from unsuccessfully running for a job as Orange County's public administrator in 2010.

So to sum up:

Steve Rocco is a retired educator. The Partnership wants him dead. Rocco likes Johnny Cash records. That ketchup bottle was unrefrigerated. Rocco is Kaufman wearing a beanie.

Don't forget to vote on June 5!

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Steve Rocco is a mental defective. Anyone who believes that electing Steve Rocco type nut jobs helps make government better is as big an idiot as Steve. If you don’t like the way government runs, get off of your fat a$$ and run for an office yourself or support and vote for reasonable people. The documentary “Rocco The Vote”, shows exactly what happens when apathetic people vote. It's not a joke.


At least Steve didn't molest his daughter for 4 years or the neighborhood boy who's mother lent him out for a few bucks to the neighborhood perv. 


I would vote for Steve Rocco because he keeps everyone on their toes. too many in politics, even the cheesy school board seats think they are powerful. they don't uphold what the people want. Steve keeps them guessing and Steve is needed. That ketchup caper was ramped up. Loretta Sanchez would be a good one for Rocco to unseat, she is worthless. A typical "give mexicans what they want' regardless. 


The Partnership is watching...

I hope Steve wins


Talk to your Dad because If god loves us... Rocco will win! 


 Verily, verily!  We are truly blessed by his Noodly Appendages.

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