Schuller Coleman's Church Becomes Travelling Road Show

Hope Center of Christ, the "let's flee from Crystal Cathedral and not look back lest we turn into a pillar of salt" church founded by Robert Schuller's daughter, Sheila Schuller Coleman, held a service Sunday at its first temporary tabernacle -- an AMC movie theater at the Outlets at Orange.

The fellowship will be at a new location this Sunday -- the Anaheim Marriott Suites in Garden Grove. Maybe Schuller Coleman will lead them through the Orange County wilderness for 40 years.

Susan Austin of Anaheim wouldn't seem to mind. Here's what the congregant told an Orange County Register reporter: "I'm planning on following Jesus, and if that means following Sheila, then I'm following Sheila. She is the messenger; he is the hope."

Schuller Coleman announced earlier this month that she would be leaving the Crystal Cathedral to start a new ministry under a new name. (Obligatory 'wow, her dad started Crystal Cathedral at a drive-in movie theater comment' here.) Between 100 and 200 worshippers reportedly were at Sunday's services.

The Hope Center OC page on Facebook has 369 "likes".

Here's what Debbie Lips posted on the page:




Oh, and in case you can't keep up with where the church will be each week, and want to donate, its Facebook page says you donate through PayPal at

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Norma Jean Stephenson
Norma Jean Stephenson

Dear Pastor Sheila, I wish you the greatest  success in your new Hope Center of Christ Church!    In 1970,I read one of your Father's books, entitled "Your Future is Your Friend" and it literally saved my life!    I know the future of your new Church will do great things, because "your future is your friend", and you are surrounded by the loving arms of our Heavenly Father!  I send my best wishes to you, your husband Jim, and Jim Penner and your sister Gretchen and all the rest of your Family!

Love, from your Sister in Christ,Norma Jean in Washington State

Pedro Goldstein
Pedro Goldstein

Oh My, Say it isn't so. Schuller is moving her patent medicine show to the Marriott? Just something to consider, the money she is paying Marriott for the meeting room goes directly to the Mormon Church. Crackpottery sure keeps strange bedfellows


Come on Peoples, send us CASH MONEY now!

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