Sheriff Sandra Hutchens & DA Tony Rackauckas Partying Today

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Somethings just don't mix well
She's oil to his vinegar, but today--and perhaps only today--Sheriff Sandra Hutchens and District Attorney Tony Rackauckas are simultaneously partying over the same concept.

That's right, folks. Orange County's top elected law enforcement duo are donning pointy paper caps, blowing horns and counting enormous amounts of candles on birthday cakes.

It's the joke of supernatural powers that made the only thing Rackauckas and Hutchens have in common is that they share a birth date.

(They aren't alone. Today's birthdays also include John Updike, Edgar Cayce, Grover Cleveland, Dane Cook, Vanessa Williams and Queen Latifah.)

T Rack and Susan 2.jpg
Hi! My name is Tony. I'm a Pisces. My favorite color is gray and I've been on Earth for 25,203 days!

Of course, Rackauckas' March 18th entry onto the planet happened in 1843. No wait. Official records claim it was 1943. Hutchens' emergence happened 12 years later.

Tony Rackauckas brother 3.jpg
Happy birthday, little brother!
Here's what astrologers say is their mutual fate for this new year:

"A strong desire to express yourself creatively or in completely different ways is likely to take hold this year. A new cycle of independence, progressiveness and change begins for you. Your ego is awakened and you seek new ways to express yourself. Surprises can most certainly happen this year, as well as the urge to do something completely new."

Translation: Hutchens will prematurely retire from her post this year.

--R. Scott Moxley

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