Fred Karger Gets More Votes Than Ron Paul in Puerto Rico GOP Primary

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Mitt Romney easily won Puerto Rico's Republican presidential primary Sunday, but the bigger news, especially locally, came near the bottom of the ballot.

"LOOKS [sic] WE BEAT RON PAUL IN TODAY'S PUERTO RICO PRIMARY" reads the Twitter feed from the presidential campaign of Laguna Beach's Fred Karger.

Billing himself as the first openly gay Republican presidential candidate (since at least Calvin Coolidge), Karger has been unable to garner enough support to get a podium on stage at a GOP debate.

With 83 percent of the vote counted, Karger led Paul this morning 1,702 votes to 1,452.

While losing to Karger is an embarrassment to the Paul campaign, the Texas congressman vowed to press on, saying the delegates he holds will come into play at the Republican convention. Romney gets all 20 delegates from Puerto Rico, however.

Karger's biggest coup previously was getting more votes than Michelle Bachmann in January's New Hampshire primary, although the Minnesota congresswoman had already suspended her campaign by then. Karger, a former consultant to Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Gerald Ford, had made it his goal to at least get more votes than one candidate on the New Hampshire ballot opposed to gay marriage.

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Poor deprived Puerto Ricans must get all their news from the corporate mass media. I wonder if ignorance is bliss? Probably won't be should the only ethical and honest man in the race, Dr. Ron Paul fails to win the nomination. Fortunately for us awake folks there is the write in or third party vote.

mitch young
mitch young

Reason #427 why Puerto Rico should be independent. 

¡Viva Puerto Rico Libre!

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