[Updated: Meeting Cancelled] Registered Sex Offenders Not Meeting at Buena Park Church?

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UPDATE: Janice Bellucci, state organizer for Reform Sex Offenders Laws, says the meeting has been cancelled.

A pastor at a Buena Park church where the California chapter of the Reform Sex Offender Laws said it was scheduled to meet Saturday says she knows nothing of the group and doesn't know why the group posted a message online saying it was meeting there, when a conference for singles is being held on the same day. 

"I don't know what this is all about," said Betsy Mata, a co-pastor at Holy Ground Church.

We're waiting to hear back from officials at RSOL's California chapter.
Here's the posting from the group's website:

RSOL meeting.PNG

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Valerie I had no idea they were flying planes over your trailer park.

Valerie Parkhurst
Valerie Parkhurst

If I lived anywhere near that proposed meeting? There would be Hell to pay. In no way shape or form would I allow a group of sex offenders and their allies to to gather in my airspace to bitch and moan about their tales of woe..

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