OC Pedophile Wants to Change His Guilty Plea

Javier Flores Juarez Pedophile OC 7.jpg
Juarez: Can I use a lifeline?
Orange County's Javier Juarez is a sick pedophile who repeatedly molested a child under the age of 14 during a four-year period and pleaded guilty in 2011 for his crimes.

But after willingly signing the plea for Superior Court Judge James Edward Rogan, Juarez changed his mind and sought to rescind it through an appeal.

Faced with Juarez's admission to despicable, forcible acts and no substantive argument for an appeal other than his whim, a California Court of Appeal in Santa Ana had no choice in its ruling.

Last week, a three-justice panel headed by Judge William Bedsworth issued the court's least-taxing opinion.

The ruling's essential content fits on a single page.

Upshot: This pedophile will continue to serve his 18-year prison sentence.

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mitch young
mitch young

Hey 'streets', isn't that a 'carnal' of yours?


No Mitch, I dispise Child Molesters and scum of any color, race, national origin.  You see I understand that all people in general are good and few like this guy are scum!  No excuses for this Piece of Shit from me................nice try though.........your such a Maroon!

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