Precisely How NOT To Ask Your Wife For Help; OC's Ralph Gambina Provides the Instructions

Otis Mayberry Drunk.jpg
May I have just one more Jagermeister?
Sometimes you see everything you need to know from a simple picture.

Take, for example, the case of Orange County's 58-year-old Ralph John Gambina.

Law enforcement official claims that in June 2010 Gambina threatened to murder his wife and uttered in a voice mail message to her perhaps the best  ill-advised intoxicated rant of all time in hopes of getting her to loan him money:

"Hey, bitch, you better fuckin' talk to me or I'm going to come down there and show you some fucking hell. You understand me, you fucking cunt? I know you got my fucking shit. You were the only one that was in that fucking safe. Don't fucking lie to me. You're a fucking lying fucking cunt. That's all you fucking ever were. I need 500 bucks tomorrow to pay my fucking bail or I'm going back to jail. And if I go back to jail, I'm going back on a fucking murder charge."

Based on that wild incident and another involving a San Clemente hotel owner, Gambina won a two-year California prison sentence for making criminal threats.

Ralph John Gambina mug.jpg
Who's the bitch now, Ralph?
Today, a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana considered Gambina's appeal and essentially left the punishment in place.

Lesson: Don't threaten to kill your wife in a voice mail message.

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