Orange County Register Goes Madlibs

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Sadly, the Orange County Register just let some editors and reporters go, as El Jefe has been reporting. Wonder if one wrote headlines at the top of the online crime and courts page?


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mitch young
mitch young

So an ad on the right side of the screen sez 'Newport Beach', and I'm impressed. Gustavo (or his tripulacion) sold a local ad! 'course, it was advertisement for 'all u can eat' stone crab, which we dont have here, but I figured, hey, it's NB -- they can Fedex the stuff in.

But Sadly, No, it wasn't our beloved city by the Back Bay, it was Newport Beach Florida. VVM is *still* carrying OC Weekly. 

I guess the real question is why 'progressives' will blow $55 on all you can eat crustaceans. Aren't there starving Ethonopians are something?

Matthew T. Coker
Matthew T. Coker

As long as the crustacean is soy-based and boiled in a Santorum bouillabaisse, we'll fly our private solar jets to Newport Beach, Florida, to order a bucket.

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