What We Learned, March 24-30

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The week flew by, but we still learned from it.

MARCH 24: Octomom Nadya Suleman earns $8,000 posing nude for a British magazine. She is not using the money to save her La Habra house, as that's listed for sale as a foreclosure, but to rent a new pad for her, her 14 kids and the gaggle of gossip reporters orbiting her. What We Learned: Upon seeing the shots, Vivid Entertainment pornsario Steve Hirsch, who previously offered Natalie $1 million to star in a porn flick and later $500,000 to appear in one hardcore scene, cut the offer to $100,000 for three scenes. Still too high, no?

Miguel Ruiz crosses the other way over the border.
MARCH 25: American-born Santa Ana wrestler Jesse Ruiz finishes second in his class at the FILA Pan American Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Florida. That qualifies him for a slot on the 2012 Olympic Team . . . for Mexico. What We Learned: Mexico has a wrestling team.

MARCH 26: Hacker Christopher John Aragon, 51, of Capistrano Beach, pleads guilty to being the leader of a crime ring that used sophisticated machinery to forge credit cards and driver licenses based on real names and account numbers stolen off the interwebs. The crooks charged high-end goods that were later resold on eBay and craigslist. What We Learned: Visa and MasterCard revealed later in the week that millions of legit customer I.D.'s were stolen from a credit card processing center. How come my credit card debt is never stolen?

MARCH 27: Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project of immigration vigilantes, addresses the Villa Park City Council to ask that Councilwoman Deborah Pauly cancel her looming appearance at a California Coalition of Immigration Reform meeting. Gilchrist argues Pauly's credibility will be damaged if she associates with Barbara Coe and her band of merry wingnuts. What We Learned: Coe would tarnish Pauly more than the other way around.

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MARCH 28: Missing from his Costa Mesa home since Sunday morning, 78-year-old Vo Van Nguyen is found by two mountain bikers in the morning on a trail about a mile into Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park in Trabuco Canyon. Suffering from dementia, in need of heart medication and speaking only Vietnamese, Nguyen somehow lost his shoes and is wearing only one sock. What We Learned: Those who survived Vietnam can survive anything.

MARCH 29: Esperanza High School is evacuated because a suspicious package is found on the Yorba Linda campus. Wait, it turns out the school is not cleared. Wait, wait, it turns out there is no suspicious package. "I am pleased to report that after a thorough search of the entire campus by the Anaheim Police Department, nothing was found," Superintendent Dennis Smith informs the Placentia-Yorba Linda School District community. What We Learned: Beats the hell out of me.

MARCH 30: Newport Beach ranks third in the nation when it comes to adults valuing sex in their relationships. Lubbock, Texas, values sex the least in the land. What We Learned: Everything's bigger in Texas--except where it really counts.

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Oops, I didn't realize the comments would sort by "newest first." When I specified that I was referring to "the above comment," I meant the comment made by the poster named "Why doesn't the media care."


Just wanted to put the above comment, quoted from a post I made elsewhere, in context. I had just read a true story about an adult who had survived childhood with a narcisstic parent. This adult managed to recover from the emotional abuse and eventually have a happy, peaceful life. It put me in mind of Suleman and her children. Moreover, I was fed up at the type of media attention paid to women who are public figures. No matter what other things the woman does in her life, whether good things or bad things, if she poses nude, that will overshadow everything else she did. I don't think that is right. The media needs to adopt more balanced coverage of women, even nefarious women like Suleman.

Why doesn't the media care?
Why doesn't the media care?

I'm "borrowing" this comment from a person who, in my opinion, has certainly gotten it right regarding the Octomom and the press - OC Weekly included:

OCTOMOM: People care more about her nudity than her childrenby Bluebonnet » Sat Mar 31, 2012 7:42 amOne of our members, made a thought-provoking post about Nadya's narcissism on the private forum. When I replied, she suggested that I also put my post here on the public forum. So here goes:Thank you for that thoughtful post. One thing that has disgusted me about this whole TittyGate media frenzy is the amount of attention the public is paying to her nudity, versus the attention paid to the welfare of her children. For example, when was Jonah's cleft lip ever a "trending topic" on the Yahoo home page? When did we ever see over a million Google results on the octuplets' inability to speak? When did the Harvey and Charles on TMZ ever sit and have an on-air discussion about the octuplets being locked up in a room stinking of pee? When did Anderson Cooper ever devote a show to Aiden and his autism?Nadya's narcissism is reinforced by the attention she gets for things like posing nude, being "engaged" to two-bit sleaze promoters and endless speculations over whether she's had plastic surgery. The public was interested in the octuplets when they were first born, but now it is HER they follow. She knows it and she loves it. Whether or not she actually has a reality show, the public is acting as if she does, and unfortunately the public is fascinated with these train wreck reality show people.In the background are the 14 children; some timid and frightened, some angry and rebellious, and one forever lost in a mental fog. They are hostages, living in the shadow of this bizarre and evil woman. I hope that when they each reach age 18, they can break away from her world and have decent lives. 

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