Newport Beach Film Fest Goes Freeway Dancing

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Every spring, the Newport Beach Film Festival exposes hidden cinematic gems to local audiences, and the 13th run coming up April 26-May 3 will no doubt provide many more of the same. But, let's face it, clunkers do somehow make it into the lineup, something that is bound to happen when you are showcasing 350 mostly low-budget projects from 40 countries, including many where bathing is optional.

Sadly (or gladly?), the Newport Beach Film Festival trailer can be more inventive, entertaining and awe-inspiring than the entered film or shorts program the trailer precedes. That has been due to the awesome work of Santa Monica advertising agency RPA. Here is their latest:

The spot, whose theme you'll see all over the festival and in print advertising for it, borrows turn-of-the-century English photographer Eadweard Muybridge's iconic dancer image, film's fest muse.

Following her from black-and-white to full color to middle of the freeway (yikes!) involved one tremendous feat: closing the end of the 710 freeway. Were CGI's involved? You bet your gigabytes they were, baby! Anything for art, right?

Besides the video appearing online, spot ads based on it will hit Esquire, 100 Los Angeles County billboards and 250 bus shelters in LA and Orange counties in the coming days.

Check for more on the 2012 festival.

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For me, the scenes of the dancer almost being hit by the freeway cars was just not at all entertaining to watch and I would think many people would think it was just done in poor taste. So many people are killed by being hit by cars every year, couldn't there have been a more creative use of a dancer, and filmed to show off some scenic or interesting or iconic locations in Newport Beach or Orange County?

newport beach dj
newport beach dj

I usually see that chick on the highway after a couple of martinis!

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