Nadia Maria Davis Lockyer Tied Up in Sex-Drugs-Cheatin'-Beatin'-Pornin' Scandal

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The Bay Area has its own political Falcon Crest soap opera going on presently involving a former Santa Ana Unified School District board member-turned-Alameda County supervisor, who is also the daughter of a renowned immigrant-rights lawyer in Orange County. She's Nadia Lockyer, California Treasurer Bill Lockyer's wife, who was known down here for many years before the politically powerful nuptials in 2003 as Nadia Maria Davis. Now, the 40-year-old is being referred to as a substance abuser who was beaten by another drug addict she made a sex tape with while still married to Bill Lockyer, 70.

Oy, the best thing to do may be to back up and present the agreed-upon narrative:

Bill Lockyer
In December 2010, a month after Nadia Lockyer was elected to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, she met Stephen Chikhani, a 35-year-old San Jose construction worker with a history of arrests for methamphetamine use, at a Kaiser outpatient rehab program. They would go on to have a love affair that was exposed Feb. 3, when police rolled up to a hotel where the Mrs. had been roughed up. She wound up being hospitalized for head and neck injuries after allegedly being beaten by Chikhani, who later claimed to have acted in self-defense.

Bill Lockyer has put the relationship in the past by referring to Chikhani as his wife's "ex-boyfriend." Chikhani has countered there is no ex- in the relationship, that it is still very well on. He has boasted of a sex tape Lockyer's wife made with Chikhani. Lockyer, who for eight years was California's attorney general, reportedly acquired the tape and then tried to get Chikhani investigated as a criminal stalker. Investigators later concluded the relationship between Chikhani and Mrs. Lockyer was "consensual" based on texts and X-rated photos found on her computer. Chikhani has claimed to have contacted Nadia since the hotel incident.

The Alameda County DA has since handed the case over to the state AG, to avoid bias because Nadia Davis previously worked with the agency on a domestic violence initiative.

In court in San Jose for a meth bust, Chikhani just claimed to a reporter, "There's a way bigger story than the sex tapes," states the San Jose Mercury News.

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What a piece of trash. Did he pay for the implants too?

"Let's Get Honest"
"Let's Get Honest"

I'm so disgusted with this local leadership, and by the way, that Family Justice Center -- and the whole Alliance -- is very likely a bullshit organization to get more grants and NOT help the people they are allegedly helping.

I had this woman in charge of Justice in Alameda County when my kids were -- I kid you now -- kidnapped right out of an Alameda County Sheriff's station.  The officers laughed and mocked the situation, but to the family it was devastating, to this day. I had/have hunted all over this and another county for actual help (not just "centers") to stay out of an abusive relationship, including preventing that event.  

It's easier around there to volunteer to RUN an organization not knowing anything about domestic violence, than to actually get help from one.  Women who have been messed with like this don't expect their politically connected sugar daddies to bail them out, why not have an experienced person actually run the outfit?

Law enforcement -- what an oxymoron.  Why do we get court orders if they're meaningless?  

That type of fiasco has kept families (and I know many) in clean-up mode for years, as their kids are growing up, while various agencies collaborate, demonstrate, evaluate and pay themselves $100K plus/year (easy enough if Verizon is sponsoring you) to get more publicity.  If there's a high-profile disaster (like a triple homicide, and there have been) they simply get more publicity, more funding, while the people that need to get the hell outta Dodge, but can't -- sometimes are at the soup kitchens, which are running out of soup at times.

Sorry to be so pissy, but how'd you like to be a parent one moment, and not the next, overnight (Illegally -- no justification) and seek help in ALAMEDA COUNTY -- and get none, then later find out about the ribbon breaking events and your D.A. (Nancy O'Malley in Washington D.C. canvassing for more of the same BS?  

I hope my kids (that were later abandoned by their father anyhow) see this and learn from it -- if you actually need real help, go somewhere else to get it than the traditional places.   

I had someone call me LAST NIGHT asking (as we'd chatted earlier) how to help extricate a woman from a physically abusive, and very frightening marriage.  Right now!  I don't have any "DV facilitator" training, but I know the routine, and I know what DOESN'T help. At least this lady doesn't have the complication of children to deal with. ((She's apparently having phone monitored, can't retain a bank account, being beaten at home) -- and for all this "awareness-raising" in the area -- the married, religious woman who wants to help her is truly clueless.  And HOW much is spent on PR campaigns about Justice, Violence Prevention, etc. etc.?  What an idiot.  And more where they came from.....


Wow, what a shock this is reading about this ADULTERER, DRUG USER, ALCOHOLIC, and Power Hungry Politician.  Bill Lockyer is a real fool for standing by Nadia's side?  If she screwed behind your back once, twice, and three times.  Who else has she been with?

And yet, Nadia is an over paid power seeking greedy politician making more than $150,000 per year representing here district from a rehab hospital, smoking dope, drinking booze, getting into fights, and screwing her boyfriends.  That's what I call representation!  What political office will Nadia seek next--GOVERNOR? 

I could only imagine how her 8 year-old son must feel about her adulterer, unfaithful, arrogant, drug crazed, and drunk mother?

Janey Doey
Janey Doey

This was all just a ploy to give Nadia Lockyer priceless name recognition.  The Lockyers played a small time criminal and the media like a toy piano.  When someone says "sex tape", the media jumps.  When someone else says "way bigger story than the sex tapes", the media jumps higher.  Lockyer admitted to alchoholism and "chemical dependency", nothing more.  Lockyer has already returned to office.  Soon the guy will be prosecuted, vindicating the Lockyers and turning the negative name recognition into something positive.  Also, both Lockyer and Chikhani (the "boyfriend") have stated to the press that the Lockyers were separated when Chikhani and Lockyer had sexual relations.  Hence, even if there is an actual sex tape, it will work in the Lockyers' favor.

NG Coot
NG Coot

I understand that sometime prior to this Nadia was involved in a very serious traffic accident.  Is that true?  Do you have anything on that?  Those types of accidents can have serious life altering effects on people.  What was Nadia like when she served on the SAUSD?  Any indication of "different" behavior?  I did think that the 30 year age difference and a hottie getting married to a doof was weird.


I have read elsewhere that Assemblyman Marco Antonio Firebaugh was drunk driving, with Nadia as a passenger. He wrecked the car and she got hurt badly, nearly died. Went straight back to work as soon as she could with a morphine drip.


 Apparently, Nadia was NOT a  respectful women when she served on the Santa Ana Unified School District as a board member. 

She only married Bill because she got knocked-up and didn't want a child out of wedlock.  You can say that Nadia slept her way to the top to the political ladder.


It also has an effect when you marry a guy 30 years older than you who may be lacking a little lead in his pencil! 

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