Orly Taitz v. Fox News Anchorbot Megyn Kelly

Timing must be everything for Orly Taitz. The Aliso Viejo lawyer/dentist/real estate saleslady/Gabor sister/"Queen of the Birthers" started going medieval on Megyn Kelly in December, when the Fox News anchorbot dared host a panel discussion on Barack Obama's presidential eligibility without inviting an expert like OT.

Taitz then seemed to move on to bigger fish to flambe in recent months, but for some reason the Get Meg chatter has started anew.

Photo by Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
Faux News viewer Orly Taitz
Other birthers besides Taitz have taken Kelly to task over that December newscast because the host had the audacity to invite "two anti-birthers" who she allowed to "ridicule the birthers." Kelly even went so far as to laugh at one of her guest's jokes. Flippin' Trotsky!

Here was Orly's reaction on orlytaitzesq.com in January:

"Faux news" and closet Socialist Megyn Kelly discuss eligibility, but never invited any eligibility attorney on the show, same pattern of journalistic malpractice and aiding and abetting in elections fraud. Kelly is a licensed attorney. Please, check in what state is she licensed and report it to the disciplinary board of the bar of that state. She never provided truthful info on SSN and other documents. As an attorney she should have known better than that.

Like I said at the top, the anti-Kelly talk seemed to subside until Monday, when Taitz instructed her minions to go after Kelly and other teevee attorneys for "knowingly and maliciously defrauding the public and aiding and abetting forgery, fraud and treason." Actually, that's the version of the quote which along with the pull quote above was cleaned of spelling and grammatical errors. There are so many in this next chunk that I'm letting them stand lest I be accused of socialist editing:

all of the corrupt attorneys are a target for dibarment. Kelly and other attorneys, who are repoting, are knowingly and maliciously defraudung the public and aiding and abetting forgery, fraud and treason. They sold their conscience and they are subverting the law for a few pieces of silver (in case of TV reporters like Kelly and Susteren and Coulter- it is a few million dollars a year)

Posted on | March 26, 2012 | "Comment on sent to Megyn Kelly at Kelly@foxnews.com. She is an attorney and she knows that she is being complicit to fraud, forgery and treason

Please, write letters to the attorneys' bar in New York, where Megyn Kelly is licensed, let them know that you are filing a complaint of her complicity to elections fraud, forgery of documents and treason. Report every attorney, who knowingly is complicit with fraud Obama: that includes attorneys employed as US attorneys, Attorney Generals, attorneys working for networks

I need all of you to help to expose all of the traitors against the United states of America, who are getting our tax payer dollars or getting paid by the networks and who are complicit with Obama.

Here is an example of a letter sent by my supporter to the talk show host Megyn Kelly working for FOX news

Mrs Kelly,

I want to believe that you support our constitution and that you think we are a country of laws. I was born outside the USA and how so many forms and original documents I have to provide in other to be here legally. I became a proud American in 1994. I am a law abiding citizen. I am dumbfounded that you have not reported all the work that your fellow attorney has done in search of EQUAL justice for all of us. I can't trust anyone at fox news anymore. Dr. Orly Taitz is standing up for all of us We the people...perhaps someday your own children will ask you: Mom where were you ? Please look at the evidence. Report facts, not opinions. Conspiracy of silence. This could end today.

Thank you
I love my country of adoption and can't stand for Social justice


I actually stumbled on the Megyn Kelly thing while following a link to Orly's website regarding her reaction to something on Daily Kos Saturday from Occupy OC member Seneca Doane. Again, nothing has been cleaned up lest I be accused of sleeping with the enemy, although I'm pretty sure Doane meant "country" before Richard Nixon's name:

I posted a diary last Tuesday on the end of the continuous occupation of Occupy Orange County after 157 days and 5 hours. It went pretty much nowhere. Well, to hell with that. Maybe it was destined to be a weekend diary; I'll choose an enticing generic title this time and see.

The original diary was "Occupy OC camp closes after 3773 consecutive hours." Let that sink in for a moment. From 10 a.m. on October 15 to last Tuesday at 3 p.m., there was not a moment that Occupy Orange County was not either in an encampment, protesting on the sidewalks or other agreed-upon places, or (for the last hour) meeting with City Officials as we decided to disband.

We did this in the very engine room in the conservative movement of the U.S. We did it in the county that gave the county Richard Nixon and the funding for Ronald Reagan. We did it in the county that gives the world Orly Taitz and Rick Warren, Revs. Wiley Drake and Robert Schuler, Dana Rohrabacher and (starting next year) Darrell Issa, Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm, the prime site for white flight from Los Angeles in the 60s and 70s.

Doane's diary item brought the following response from Taitz:

What was meant as an attack by the Daily Kos, I see as a badge of Honor. Daily Kos describes "Occupy OC (Orange County, CA)" as a protest in the land, which gave us Orly Taitz, Reverend Schuller, congressman Rohrabacher and Congressman Darrell Issa. While Far left Daily Cos considers this a bad thing, many conservatives, Republicans and simply reasonable people consider this to be a positive. You know a person by his friends and by his enemies.

Sounds like grounds for a new dibarment campaign over fraudung repoting, dahhhhling.

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f-orly and fox ..what a crazy racist Russian cunt


Go, Daily Kos....!Orly needs to lose that heavy eye makeup, and not bleach her hair to the consistency of straw....and for gods' sake....don't be so arrogant....!

Border Sparrow
Border Sparrow

 I have to say that I am deeply, deeply disappointed in Orly Taitz. I cashed in my 401K and gave the 145.76 cents to her. I have also given her ALL the profits of my Bikini Border Babes with Guns videos. I have gone from Cheetohs brand cheese crisps to the dollar-store generic brand. These are so loaded with transfat that I have put on an additional 130 pounds...And what do I get in return? How many cases has she even got close to winning??Nonetheless, I will be supporting her in the republican primaries and I invite all intelligent, rabid far-right maroons like me to also get under her. Cuz if I got on top of her like Charles "Bowling Bowl" Lincoln, I'd kill her (not a death threat!)....


So why do you slander Ms. Kelly as an "anchorbot"? How about telling us all about the conga line of dimwitted imbeciles on MSDNC, including some of the dumbest men and women to appear before a camera? Tamron Hall? Chris Jansing? Melissa Harris-Perry (or Perry-Harris; or Harris-Perry-Harris, or whatever she is calling herself this week)? All idiots. You could take all of their IQs and put them in a thimble and still have room for your finger.

Megyn Kelly has three things going for her: she's smart, she is gorgeous, and she puts on a knowledgeable program. That's more than we can say about any MSDNC program.


Mr. Coker, are you satisfied with the documentation provided by the White House in support of the President's eligibility to hold office? 

Bill T.
Bill T.

I've listened and thought about the reasons given by the birthers, read the documents that they purport to sustain their case and have in no instance found the least reason to agree that Obama does not satisfy the requirements.

I can only conclude that Orly, and club, are off in some never-never land of her/their own construction.

Tracy Mohr
Tracy Mohr

Your handle should be "freebaser."


Is being a smartass how you handle an uncomfortable question?  Pathetic and typical.    


 For me, yes, along with the testimony of TWO Directors of Health for the Hawaii Department of Health, in TWO different administrations (Republican and Democrat) and that most of this BS came up during a REPUBLICAN run govt in the State of Hawaii.

That two birth announcements appeared in both newspapers in Hawaii in 1961 which were provided to the DoH in Hawaii by the Hospitals (and no, GRANNY couldn't submit anything to the newspapers at the time).

And that there are people who REMEMBER baby Barack being in Hawaii in the days that followed his birth (like the week after).


These idiots who claim that Ann Dunham flew to Kenya and back within a week's time have no clue as to what travel was like in 1961.  That would be a round trip flight of over 20k miles, the cost would be comparable in today's dollars to approximately $25k for two airfares.  What woman, at 8 mos pregnant would board a flight that would take approximately two days to go to Kenya, only to turn around and fly back the week later? Orly's birthers would also have us believe that they went to Barack Obama, Sr.'s home village and then drove to Mombasa 1,000 miles away on a dirt road filled with potholes to go to the beach!  You'd have to suspend all common sense to even remotely consider any of this to be feasible.  Most women are not allowed to travel by air after 7 months according to their OB/GYN and the airlines. 

They've presented two fake birth certificates from Kenya that have been debunked repeatedly and yet she still tries to submit the second as real.  The SS# that Taitz claims belonged to a deceased man has been revealed not to be his and also thoroughly debunked.  All this woman wants is publicity and $$$.  She's filing motions in states where she is not licensed to practice law despite knowing this is illegal.  It's probably because they can't get a real attorney to do their dirty work for them.

Last but not least, the RNC would have squashed then Senator Obama's plans to run for President if they believed any of this to be true or if their misreading of the Constitution and its requirements for someone to be labeled a natural born citizen was correct. The judge should hit Taitz with a much larger fine since this ongoing nonsense is not going to stop until President Obama leaves office in 2016. 


The State of Hawaii has confirmed that President Obama was born in Hawaii, which is part of the US. Anyone born in the US is a natural born citizen. That makes the president a natural born citizen, and our legal president.


You forgot to add "California Candidate For U.S. Senator" in your list of Orly's titles. 

Did you see that she is working with Sharon Angle now? 

Bill T.
Bill T. like.author.displayName 1 Like

Taitz and her ilk give me hope that the radical right will succeed in schisming the Republican party. Go Orly!

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