The Lost Boys of Summer: The Web Extras

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There is more to this week's feature story "The Lost Boys of Summer" than "The Lost Boys of Summer."

The piece mentions and quotes from Major League Baseball's April 21, 2011, statement about annuity payments to pre-1980 ballplayers. Here is the full statement:

MLB, MLBPA Reach Agreement Regarding Payments for Pre-1980 Players_042111.pdf

But wait, there's more:

WEB EXTRA: The Lost Boys of Summer's Baseball Cards

Richard Lee Baney: Lost Boy of Summer Enjoys Colorful Life On and Off the Baseball Field

Lost Boys of Summer Say Major League Baseball Gulped A Bitter Cup of Coffee Before Acting

Ken Wright and Jim Hutto: Lost Boys of Baseball Who've Sought Relief for Years

David Clyde: Onetime Texas Pitching Phenom and Lost Boy of Baseball Schools Young Players

Darcy Fast: Man of God, "Missing Cub" and Lost Boy of Baseball

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mitch young
mitch young

I give you guys a lot of well-deserved shit, but I must say this topic is really original for an 'Alt Weekly', and the snippets posted here have been interesting.

It remains to be seen if it will drive business to your 'backpages' clients.

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