Disneyland and AIDS Charity Sued for Darth Vader Swinging at Angry Bird But Hitting Lady

A woman is suing Disneyland and the AIDS Services Foundation of Orange County in Superior Court because she claims her back was injured by a Disney employee dressed as Darth Vader and doing battle with a bird during the 2011 AIDS Walk Orange County at the Anaheim resort. If the incident had happened during a lunar eclipse, I would have received a bonus for most random things in one blog post.

"A Disneyland employee dressed up as Darth Vader was standing next to plaintiff and attempted to 'shoo' a bird away by swinging his right arm," reads the lawsuit filed by Huntington Beach attorney Timothy Ryan on behalf of Lauren Ulrich. "Upon doing so, he hit plaintiff in the back, causing her severe injuries."

Cut Lord Vader some slack; the force was strong in that bird.

Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Park, Disney Worldwide Services Inc. and AIDS Services Foundation of Orange County, are defendants in the lawsuit that seeks more than $25,000 for medical expenses.

The 25th annual AIDS Walk Orange County was held May 1, 2011, at the Happiest Legal Battleground on Earth.

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