Kinde Durkee, Near Plea Deal for Ripping Off Democratic Politicians, Makes a Love Match

Before we get to the news about Kinde Durkee's possible plea deal, may we point out that, based on their respective booking photos, we believe we have found a love match between the disgraced former Democratic campaign treasurer and a certain disgraced former city official who called Huntington Beach home--were each of their marriages to go as far south as their public careers.

Let us be more bold after the jump . . .

Kinde and Robbie sitting in a heavily reinforced tree, doing something d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g.
As former Bell City Administrator Robert Rizzo awaits his fate in an L.A. County courtroom where he stands accused of mucho public corruption, Durkee is charged in Sacramento federal court with strip mining the campaign funds she oversaw for California Democrats. Among her more than 50 victims are U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Orange County's Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez of Garden Grove, Assemblyman Jose Solorio of Santa Ana and State Sen. Lou Correa of Anaheim.

However, the Los Angeles Times is reporting (in a report I'd link you if I didn't have to pay-to-play) that Durkee is poised to cut a plea deal later this week. As it stands, she is accused in a 17-page complaint of transferring $7 million funds from the combined accounts of her clients to her Burbank firm Durkee and Associates without their permission.

She is then accused of using the ill-gotten loot to pay personal expenses, including a mortgage and credit card bills, as well as business expenses and payroll. For instance, $23,000 from Feinstein's federal campaign helped wipe out a $30,000 American Express bill with charges from Disneyland,, Trader Joe's and the Los Angeles Dodgers, the U.S. Attorney alleges.

Solorio, who was stung for $600,000--raising the question, "Fuck, you really need $600,000 to defend yourself in a heavily Democratic district?"--released a statement calling on the heat to "be aggressive in making sure Durkee serves as many years as possible in federal prison."

Perhaps she can make that love match with Rizzo there.

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