OC Prosecutor Jim Mendelson Honored For Anti-Hate Crime Work

Jim Mendelson OCDA make my day.jpg
Mendelson: OC's Clint Eastwood
The Orange County District Attorney's Office issued a press release late this afternoon noting a new honor for one of the agency's most publicity resistant but accomplished prosecutors: Jim Mendelson.

I can image Mendelson's sincere reaction: Hell, no!

It's not that this no-nonsense courtroom veteran doesn't deserve an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) award for "combating hate crimes."

Mendelson, long assigned to deal with scumbags inside the lethal criminal street gang Public Enemy Number One Death Squad, surely does, but he's the type of tireless prosecutor who'd rather chew off his right foot that get mentioned in news stories.


So there, Jim.

Your own agency and the ADL are touting your value and I'm not going to ignore it.

Most OC residents probably have no idea the great public service this guy has given during a lengthy career.

But I'm positive there's a long list of pathetic, incarcerated Hitler-loving thugs who know he was a key player who brought them to justice.


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mitch young
mitch young

The ADL is little more than another ethno-activist organization (though a strong one, to be sure). It works rabidly to suppress criticism of Israel, a state which does not let Palestinian spouses of Israeli Arabs join their loved ones in Israel, at the same time it whines about those of us who oppose mass immigration here in the US. It is expressly works in the interests of Jews, while trying to keep the 95% of us whites who are not Jewish from organizing to protect and defend our interests. It uses the laughably small number of 'hate crimes', carried out by tattooed losers who would have been shot in their beloved 3rd Reich as propaganda to bury the whites' legitimate pursuit of our interests. And it ignores the epidemic of black and other non-white crime carried out against whites (unless they are Jewish).

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