Horrible Home For Sale Photos of the Day!

Snaps photos with tongue; nabs commission
In California, would-be real estate agents have to pass an examination to obtain a valuable, state-issued license.

But there is no requirement that the Realtors know a damn thing about activating a camera or taking a decent photograph.

This fact can have tragic, if hilarious, consequences for homeowners trying to sell their Orange County properties.

There were plenty of nominations but here are today's horrible home for sale photos of the day:

horrible home pic 3 14 12a.jpg
This photo and the ones below are actually being used by real estate agents to sell Orange County homes.

horrible home pic 3 14 12b.jpg

horrible home pic 3 14 12c.jpg

horrible home pic 3 14 12d.jpg
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homes for sale costa mesa
homes for sale costa mesa

agreed with you I think need a realtor to know about more. its a good post and we must point out these things. 

OC Shenanigans
OC Shenanigans

Hahaha! Fuckin' hilarious, Scott.

Not only do aspiring realtors have to take the state exam. They now have to take several college courses before they're even eligible to take that exam. Would've been nice if the new standards had been instituted about 5-6 years ago.  

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

Yeah, sure, bean-breath serge, or a white person who lost their job because of illegal immigration maybe...

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

So "email," you are saying that all immigrants can do is wash dishes or gardening?

Perhaps you are the idiot.


A white dishwasher? Good one Neal. Or a white gardener. Idiot.

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