Irvine Credit Card Swindler Learns Benefit of Aiding U.S. Secret Service

Douglas Scott Frey thief.jpg
An Irvine man arrested in 2006 by a federal Orange County Identity Theft Task Force after stealing more than $400,000 in a credit card fraud scheme is being released from custody after he pleaded guilty.

Douglas Scott Frey, who was 36 years old at the time of his arrest, committed crimes that triggered federal sentencing guidelines of a 63 to 78-month prison punishment.

But government agents this week moved reduce Frey's liability by six months because he provided "extraordinary assistance" while in custody to the U.S. Secret Service, IRS criminal division and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Exactly what Frey did for federal agents is unknown. His file is loaded with sealed documents.

Federal officials nabbed Frey in Operation Broken Trust that busted a Southern California identity theft ring. The crooks stole identities and then manipulated credit reports to make high end purchases including illegal narcotics. According to U.S. Department of Justice records, this particular swindler "obtained unauthorized access devices" (credit card numbers) from Orange County mortgage brokers and hotels. 

Thanks to Frey's cooperation, government officials agreed to limit his punishment to time already served since his arrest.

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Douglas Scott Frey is not only a rat but, also a sick s.o.b. who is still out there doing fraud and is also slipping women the date rape drug. He frequents expensive high end hotels paid with fraudulent credit cards and drugs unknowing girls inside those rooms. He is a monster and needs to be behind bars.

Im from Stanton
Im from Stanton

you could have chose a better picture for this article, why does the guy need a mask to surf the internet?

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