[UPDATED With Subcontractor's Comments] Doti in Doody With Carpenters Union Working at Chapman University

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For shame
[UPDATED, March 29, 4:23 P.M.] Rob Fazio, president of C & F Concrete, said he wasn't aware of any dispute with the carpenters.

"That's just a tactic they use to leverage people like us into getting Chapman to believe we're rat contractors," Fazio said.

He added that his company was hired by general contractor Gray - I.C.E. Builders.

The protest is a ploy to get Chapman University to use a subcontractor signed with the union, Fazio said.

[ORIGINAL POST, March 29, 3:45 P.M.] 

They haven't stopped working. Yet. 

Members of Carpenters Local 803 and 2361 hit the streets outside Chapman University on Wednesday, crying "shame" on the school for "ripping off the community and for the desecration of the American way of life."
The carpenters said Chapman is using subcontractor C & F Concrete to perform work on its new $8 million Historic Core Classroom Building, which will house several faculty offices, nine classrooms and two seminar buildings.

The problem, they said, is that the union is in a labor dispute with the subcontractor, which it claims does not pay area wage standards -- including family healthcare and retirement benefits -- to all of its carpenter craft employees.

They even called out school President James L. Doti, saying he has an "obligation to the community" to see that area wage standards are paid for work on the project.

Still, one worker, who did not want to be identified, said work would continue.

"We've not stopped anything," he said. "We're not out to do that."

I'm trying to nab a comment from C & F Concrete.    

As for Chapman, spokeswoman Mary Platt released the following statement:

"Chapman University believes in free enterprise and free speech.  We put this project out to bid, and the chosen contractor met all our requirements and offered a competitive price.  The union has the right to protest the makeup of the workforce on the job, and as long as they are operating within the law, Chapman University respects their right to free speech."


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mitch young
mitch young

Let ship in some illegals -- they'll do the work for $3/hr. 

NG Coot
NG Coot

The carpenters union are the rats - they cannot even get along with the other union trades


What union is relevant int 2012? 

Labor unions came about to stop labor abuses and the exploitation of uneducated laborers. We live in a time where our society is more educated than ever and federal and state laws have been enacted that makes a union irrelevant.  

mitch young
mitch young

I don't know, Jeff. My brother was in the Electricians Union. Until about 10 years ago they had a great apprenticeship program, and managed to get their workers decent wages. 20 years ago, the carpenter's union was pretty strong, and an American guy who liked working with his hands could get a good wage working construction. Then the developers used immigrant labor (legal and illegal), to crush their wages. It isn't like the labor cost savings were passed on the consumer.


And my Father in Law and his Dad are both Teamsters... 

I still think unions are irrelevant.  I think its good that more people earn a living wage but did they all deserve it? Could your brother have done better on his own standing on his own merits without having to pay someone dues or was he one of the blissfully ignorant who rode the wave of the unions collective bargaining?  

Not to mention again the unions are often times not politically aligned with their members also... Keep that in mind. The Union heads throw big money to candidates who are often times advocates for immigration.

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