Jim Gilchrist Asked Deborah Pauly During Villa Park Council Meeting to Not Speak to CCIR; What did Pauly Do?

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Just got a note from Jim Gilchrist, the longtime anti-illegals guy and persistent thorn in the side of true Know Nothings. Seems that he attended the Villa Park City Council meeting this Tuesday to ask Drunken Deborah Pauly to not address the California Coalition for Immigration Reform meeting the following night, which was yesterday. Confused? Hey, a buncha Sazeracs will do that to your writing--and I'm STILL not sober enough to edit haha!

Anyhoo, Gilchrist's email follows:

I had my three minutes of talk time addressing Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly Tuesday evening...trying to encourage her to cancel her scheduled Wednesday night appearance as the keynote speaker for the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR). Told the Villa Park city council that, in my opinion, Pauly's appearance there would put at risk the credibility of her and the VP City Council. The council did not make any comments. Don't know if Ms. Pauly cancelled her appearance.

Gilchrist, of course, hates CCIR and especially their arch-witch, Barbara Coe, because they're a bunch of nasty bigots.

Knowing Pauly, she made the appearance. I checked her Facebook page only to find some person wistfully recalling the good ol' days of Orange County, when the Board of Education would force kiddies to attend anti-Communist crusades organized by Walter Knott and Robert Schuller. Um, okay...

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Jim Gilchrist
Jim Gilchrist

Senor Arellano,

 "Hate" is too harsh a word to describe my sense of revulsion for the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR).  "Disgust" and "mistrust" are more appropriate words.

In any debate there are fanatics on both sides, frenzied extremists from both the ultra-left and the ultra-right, who want to dominate an issue with their own form of supremacy, whether it be about religion, social order, race, color, creed, abortion, or immigration law enforcement, etc.   These fringe elements are anathema to a respectable solution to any problem, including the illegal alien dilemma threatening our nation’s domestic tranquility. The Minuteman Project was affiliated with the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) for about one year, but withdrew any association with it way back in 2006 when it appeared to be nothing but a fascist organization posing as concerned patriotic do-gooders. Obviously, I sincerely regret ever having been associated with that eclectic group of so-called do-gooders.   In my opinion, if Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly allies herself with the California Coalition for Immigration Reform, that group will expect her to follow its every whim, or risk being declared a traitor to America.   In the mindset of any extremist organization, whether it is from the far right or the far left, if you do not goose-step to its mantra, you are a traitor.  I wish Ms. Pauly good will in her campaign for higher public office.  However, in my opinion, any aspirations for political office will be put at serious risk if she relies on support from frenzied extremists.

Jim Gilchrist, President, The Minuteman Project


"attend anti-Communist crusades"

I hate commies.  Although, that Commie Girl made me smile a few times.

mitch young
mitch young

If Gilchrist doesn't stop complaining about CCIR and get back to the business of fighting illegal immigration he will simply become irrelevant. 

There are plenty of solid organizations to hook up with -- Californians for Population Stabilization, NumbersUSA etc. 


 Gee Jim...tell me...how do those "Sour Grapes" really taste?.


I get called a "commie" every time I express the opinion that the wealth in this country should be a little more evenly distributed... ;-)


 Gilchrist has been irrelevant for quite a while.

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