Curtis Michael Regulus Makes Curtain Call to Win Ugly Fabulous Police Mugshot of the Week

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Like cops, soldiers and morticians, journalists use gallows humor to deal with the horrific human events they cover. So, when, say, there are a rash of newsworthy deaths, an ink-stained wretch will say of the no more, "They're dying to get into the paper." Homeless sex offender Curtis Michael Regulus is aching for coverage as well. Last week, he was sentenced to two years in state prison for rubbing his crotch up against a 14-year-old girl on a bus, but he was kicked loose early for time served in jail since June 24, 2010. Guess what? The six-time inappropriate-touching convictee is back behind bars.

But at least he's posing for better mugshots this time:

Courtesy of Costa Mesa Police Department
Hair today, gone tomorrow for parole violator Curtis Michael Regulus.
Compare that to his previous one, which would take our ugliest police mugshot of the week had Moxley not already found an uglier one:

Courtesy of the Orange County District Attorney's office
On June 19, 2010, the teenage girl hopped on a bus in Placentia to visit her grandmother. That's when Regulus tried to rub one out on her. The 40-year-old pleaded guilty March 20 to two felony counts of lewd acts upon a 14-year-old child and one felony count of assault with the intent to commit a sexual offense. Regulus was released from jail around 11:40 p.m. that same night, according to Orange County Sheriff's Department records.

Eight days later, a Costa Mesa Police officer was responding to an unrelated call when he saw Regulus sitting near the entrance to the public library in the Lions Park complex near 18th Street and Park Avenue. He recognized the homeless sex offender from Regulus' many brushes with the law. The officer also knew, having spoken with Regulus' parole officer, that he was not allowed to enter or loiter within prescribed distances of parks, playgrounds and swimming pools, among other locations, as per his parole.

After taking care of the call that brought him to the park, the officer approached Regulus, who was still sitting within the perimeter of the Lions Park complex. A state parole officer was also contacted, and it was confirmed Regulus loitering in that area was a parole violation, according to Costa Mesa Police Lt. Paul Dondero.

Regulus, who was booked into the city jail on suspicion of violating parole, is being held without bail.

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Some on here hint at the real problem.  Having a sex offender registry after people have done their probation, therapy and time served (The GRINDER) is simply wrong.  After that GRINDER there is only a 1.9% recidivism rate (according to the Department of Justice latest report).  The real threat is the mentally ill.  Those people running around off their anti-psychotic medication.  A medical registry should be in place for those people if they're to be out amongst us.  A medical registry is of a different nature than the online hit-list that is currently in effect that does great harm to both those that have paid their debt and their families.  The sex offender registry is a form of LIVING DEATH it is Evil and it is Wrong.  The Church does nothing to fight (Stand Against) this evil.   Those in the ministry like Kenton Beshore of Mariners Church in Irvine and that of Rick Warren from Saddleback Church in Lake Forest refuse to take a position that would support their Gospel message.  Oddly Rick Warren lost his mentally ill son Matthew recently but what does he do to get rid of the Evil Sex offender registry (fear and darkness started this thing).  I too have a mentally ill son (Noah Christopher).   Why do we have probation and parole departments?  To sift through those getting out of prisons and going through programs to ensure they're safe for society.  Why do we have a sex offender registry if the numbers are so low for re-offense?  Of the 1.9% that do re-offend I wonder how many of them are actually mentally ill?  A medical registry to help the mentally ill is again of a different nature than the existing Online Hit-List that threatens to harm citizens and their families that have paid their debt to society.  Pastors do not walk as the Gospel demands and politicians only do harm by not supporting their oath of office to defend the US. Constitution.  We are called to do the right thing and not just the popular thing. TRUTH

Tactical flash
Tactical flash

Hows that "Homeless worship" that went on for MONTHS working for ya, FOOOOLS!  I still cannot believe how the O.C. through this paper turned homeless people into saints OVERNIGHT!  Yes, There are decent, Law abiding individuals but it's a grab bag, You cannot know which one!  The typical liberal "We are all the same" drivel that has probably gotten more people killed that they would ever admit. 


This is the face of mental illness and years of walking the streets untreated, what do you expect? Keep society guessing on who's the next victim, turn them right back and hope they stay on the fringe of our cities.


And what exactly is the conservative answer? Maybe you're too young to know or not paying attention to remember it was your Saint Ronald of Reagan that turned many of them loose on society when he was the governor of California.

The typical conservative "Let them eat cake" drivel that has probably gotten more people killed that they would ever admit. 


You are right on with the Ronnie comments, he cut most of the funds directed to the mentally ill, that resulted in them being left on the streets, in addtion Ronnie was the last president to provide amnesty to millions of illegals............

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