Biola University to Hold Conference on Nuclear War, and How to Get Jews and Muslims Saved

Nothing gets believers excited like the end of the world.

To that end, Biola University this weekend will host a conference titled "Israel, the Church and the Middle East Crisis", featuring Calvary Chapel favorite Joel Rosenberg, a doom-and-gloomer in the Hal Lindsey mold, and author of "The Gathering Storm: Inside the Showdown Between the U.S., Israel and a Nuclear Iran."

Chosen People Ministries, which tries to convince Jews to stop being Jews and get all born again, will also be on hand to teach ye evangelists how to witness to Jews...and Muslims.

The conference kicks off Friday night at 7 p.m. with Rosenberg leading a session, followed by Michael Zinn, a Russian Jewish Christian giving his testimony. Saturday sessions include Hormoz Shariat, an Iranian Muslim convert, sharing his story.

Marty Goetz, a "Messianic Jew" will perform music Saturday night. Information:

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I just have to laugh at these people in their 80's and 90's, like Hal Lindsey, Jack Chick, Tim LaHaye and Harold Camping, who have wasted their lives waiting to get raptured.


Hopefully, they read one of Martin Luther's last sermons like, "Warning Against the Jews" from 1546:

"They (JEWS) are our public enemies. They do not stop blaspheming our Lord Christ, calling the Virgin Mary a whore, Christ, a bastard, and us changelings or abortions. If they could kill us all, they would gladly do it."


This sounds like a real barn burner! 

I expect a little less meditating about me and nekkid chicks and a little more reporting on this conference come Monday! 


And how awesome is that new A&E show Duck Dynasty? 

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