5 Fun Valentine's Day Facts: Cheaters Edition

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It's hard enough planning a Valentine's Day for one lover, how about two? That's a challenge cheaters face every Feb. 14. Of course, the day is really a bitch for the person being stepped out on--should he/she ever find out, that is. In providing tips to help those dealing with infidelity, Affairs Recovery includes sobering statistics about Valentine's Day and homewrecker ways. Go to AffairRecovery.com for the sugar as we pass along the salt.

Conservatively, about 20% of men and 10% of women (and the number of women is growing) engage in sexual infidelity at some point in their lives--and if you include nonsexual affairs, nearly 45% of men and 24% of women get involved with someone outside their marriage. On Feb. 14, unusual phone calls, late-night texting and a change in how you two usually celebrate the holiday are signs someone has two valentines.

39% of unfaithful spouses buy gifts for both their affair partner and their mate if the affair spanned over Valentine's Day.

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