Tiger Woods "is Feeling Explosive"

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Monterey Bay-area cocktail waitresses, adult actresses and assorted skanks, consider this your warning:

Cypress-born Tiger Woods says, "My body is feeling explosive."

If you ever needed a golf towel . . .

OK, OK, here is the full quote:

"My body is feeling explosive and I'm hitting the ball farther."

Eldrick was talking about his game and frame of mind heading into his first PGA Tour event of the year, the AT&T National Pro-Am, which tees off Thursday at Pebble Beach.

Woods' last win was at his own Chevron World Challenge in Thousand Oaks last December. As he has in the past, he donated his $1.2 million check to the Tiger Woods Foundation. That makes $7.5 million total Woods has given just from his earnings from that event to his Irvine-based nonprofit that provides educational opportunities to needy children around the world.

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I hope he wins at Pebble Beach, then a few tourneys more and a couple of majors and everybody shuts the fuck up and leaves him alone.


Better yet win  a couple of majors and tell everyone to F Off and retire....All these little young fag golfers should be blowing his beanbag for teh money they make because of him....How quick they forget....


His retiring would upgrade the "class" of the participants in all future tourneys - no more immature club-throwing, no more infantile glares at the hole, no more obscenities and tirades, no more whining. In short, no more Tetchy Tiger. He's got a long way to go to catch Jack Nicklaus, in more than one aspect of the game ...


Fluke you couldn't be more mistaken. Golf needs more Tigers and less of these "boring, no personality, emotionless, play it by the book golfers". Want proof? Check the buzz, better yet check the TV ratings when Tiger plays and contends on Sunday versus when he doesn't play or doesn't contend. It's like night and day

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