Ooh La La! A YouTube Video of The Anti-Santiago Creek Bike Trail Protest

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Courtesy of the Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance
It's been a while since we checked in on the tempest in a teapot known as the proposed Santiago Creek bicycle trail--you know, the last quarter mile connecting Villa Park and inland Orange with the newly-secured Santa Ana River Trail? It's the one that just needs a way to access city property in the creek itself that we wrote about back in January.

Well, the furor hasn't subsided one bit. Proponents and opponents of the trail have been at it hammer and tongs, flyering and plotting and attempting to influence the City Council--so much so that PBSocal's Real Orange called them the Hatfields and the McCoys. The trail's opponents staged a protest last week at a city-sponsored meeting called "Santa Ana In Motion" in full Berkeley style, marching in circles and all, and the proponents filmed it.

PRO TIP FROM THE LIBERAL MEDIA TO THE TRAIL OPPONENTS: Your marching in circles is coming along nicely, but "Ooh la la" is not exactly the apotheosis of a protest chant. Doesn't really have the ring of "Sí se puede" or "We shall not, we shall not be moved."

The best part of all of this? There isn't even an official proposal yet; all of this melodrama is simply around the idea of maybe getting the trail added to the City of Santa Ana's master plan to eventually get completed if funds and personnel are available.

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Morgans Junk Inbox1
Morgans Junk Inbox1

I would like to thank those protestors for bringing public attention to this proposal. It looks like an excellent plan, and I can,t wait to see it completed.


The city should just build the GD trail 

It looked like there were 15 people at the protest... But even if they do build the trail dont forget Cokers story from yesterday ride at your own risk!

Frank Martinez
Frank Martinez

ha ha ha, fucking idiots. Who leads these ass parades? We need to get people back to work, this is what happens with all that spare time. Protesting the discusion about a plan for a bike trail, really? 

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