Rick Warren: Patron Saint of Humblebraggadocio

Pound for pound, preachers are the best humblebraggers around because they can rattle off a list of professional accomplishments while giving God the glory for "working through them."

It's a nifty trick that can be pulled off only by those who make a living chatting with the Lord and sharing his insights.

The most common way for preachers to humblebrag is to spout off big numbers related to their ministry. They do this even though an argument can be made that the practice is demonic: "And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel." -- 1 Chronicles 21:1

Thousands of years later, preachers have the perfected the demonic art form.

On a recent visit from Seattle to Mars Hill Church Orange County, the apostle Mark Driscoll said the church (assuming it was the network of Mars Hill congregations) had grown from 10,000 to 15,000 in just two weeks.

That sucking sound you heard was that of 5,000 Christians leaving their previous churches.

But when it comes to humblebraggadocio, Driscoll can't hold a candle to Saddleback Church's pastor:

Humblebrag to English: I've been to 164 countries, bitches!


Humblebrag to English: I have private talks with God.


Humblebrag to English: We have more babies in our church than most pastors have people.


Humblebrag to English: 196 countries, bitches!

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