Where the Rubbers Meet the Road to Rome: Rick Warren Willing to Go to Jail in Support of Catholic Stance on Obama Mandate

Rick Warren took a break from humblebragging on his Twitter page last week to say he would go to jail before caving to President Barack Obama's mandate that employers with religious affiliations -- such as Catholic hospitals -- cover contraceptives in their health insurance plans.
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We're not sure where Jehovah mentions government health care requirements in Scripture, but give credit to Rick for pulling a Bible verse out of context to support his politics. The verse he cites is where Saint Peter and the apostles tell opposing religious leaders that they would rather obey God than men.

They had been preaching the Christian gospel under the real threat of getting killed -- a far cry from disagreeing over American health care policy. After they finished preaching, the religious leaders beat the crap out of Peter and his fellow apostles.

Then there's this: 

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Christian conspiracy theorists who believe in a future one-world religion just creamed their choir robes.

Obama backed off his mandate after Catholics and conservatives blasted the policy as an assault on the First Amendment. Religious employers won't have to pay for or provide coverage for birth control, but instead, insurance companies apparently will be required to offer the coverage directly to the employees. 

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