(Government) Cheesey Orange County: OC Second in State With Number of Adults Who Are "Food Insecure"

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According to the latest California Health Interview Survey, Orange County has the second-most number of low-income adults in the state who are food insecure - defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as "limited or uncertain availability of traditionally adequate and safe foods".  

Presumably, the survey didn't ask respondents about the quality of Orange County's food trucks. 

The 2009 survey found that 379,000 low-income adults in the county are food insecure, second behind Los Angeles County. Percentagewise, wth 52.4 percent of low-income adults facing food insecurity, the county ranks second behind Contra Costa County.

The survey only considered adults with incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty level. 

The 2009 federal poverty level for adults was $1,805 a month in income (meaning every print journalist). The federal poverty level for a family of four was set at $3,675 a month in 2009. 

More than 3.7 million California adults were food insecure in 2009, according to the survey.
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Robert Rizzo wasn't among them. 

According to the California Department of Social Services, 199,026 Orange County residents participated in the state's food stamp program in September, a 154 percent increase since September 2006.

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