One OC Register Sex Crime Story Produces Two Golden Nuggets!

Hot Dog Prostitution OC.jpg
Hold the onions
There is nothing funny about sexual assault, but an Orange County Register courthouse reporter named Jolly inadvertently published two memorably hilarious lines this week from the trial of an accused serial rapist.

Well, to be fair: One of the hotdog-related nuggets belongs to criminal defense lawyer Joseph G. Cavallo of Haidl Gang Rape fame.

Cavallo uttered this beauty to a jury during his defense of Aaron Silva:

"Aaron wasn't there to pick up a prostitute," Cavallo said of his client's controversial 2003 trip to a Harbor Boulevard Wienerschnitzel. "He was there to eat."

Law enforcement officials including veteran prosecutor Robert Mestman believe that Silva picked up the hooker at the fast food restaurant, drove her to an industrial area in Garden Grove and attempted to rape her at knifepoint.

According to Cavallo, after agreeing to a $100 sex deal, his hotdog-breath client and the prostitute struggled over a knife and both feared for their lives.

Here's how Jolly described the scene: "The pair struck a deal for 15 minutes of sex for $100, [Cavallo said], adding that Silva paid her but later demanded his money back when he realized the act would be different."

The act?

The Reg reporter couldn't bring himself to use the term "intercourse" or "oral copulation" or even "happy ending massage."

Given the confusion, perhaps Silva had good reason to be irate. Based on other recent hooker cases, a Ben Franklin note for a 15-minute blow job is inflation gone wild. At a swank Newport Beach resort hotel frequented by out-of-town politicians and ultra-rich businessmen? Sure, but not on the streets in central OC.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

Now, ya see, this is where Ron Paul would make a good prez...

Bill T.
Bill T.

After all, if you want to traffic 13-year old girls, what business is it of the goverment?

It costs extra to properly dispose of your industrial waste? It's anti competitive to have to, abolish the EPA and go back to dumping it in the river.

Libertarianism is a pipe dream.

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

I mean for those who would choose to partake, of course--they should be allowed the freedom to choose.

Paul does have some good ideas though; I think he could do a much better job with the economy than Obama is doing. If Paul legalized prostitution, that would stimulate the economy.

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

Yes, you are correct but I believe we could then keep the quality up big time. I mean we want the quality hookers, right? Not them scuzzy ten dollar Long Beach hookers, or so I've heard...


No. Legalizing prostitution would drive them to other states due to over regulation by the state, county, and city governments. My god... could you imagine how much they would cost if they unionized? 

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