[BREAKING!] Whitney Houston's Death was a Barack Obama-Hollywood Illuminati Rub Out

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What do Whitney Houston, Bobby BrownBarack Obama, a marijuana-toting pilot who wandered into the presidential airspace leaving Corona del Mar and the shooting of two Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in Long Beach have in common?

They are all connected to the Hollywood Illuminati Agenda, according to an imaginative blogger.

Creoleguy32 goes into much more detail on the Hollywood Illuminati Agenda-exposing hollywoodilluminatidotcom, but here are some key points:

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Houston, we have a problem.
Brown was paid in drugs to get his then-wife Houston to sign an Illuminati Contract against her wishes. The "standard Illuminati Contract that all black musical artists sign" so they can "reach Super Star Status" ala Michael Jackson, Jay-Z and Kanye West (who has complained about the Hollywood Illuminati) forced Houston to become an actress by taking a role in The Bodyguard. She also signed a separate pact to promote Lucifer via black dysfunction, drug use and glorification of perverted sexual lifestyles.

But Houston eventually tried to break her contract by appearing in The Preacher's Wife and getting gospel songs onto her records. Which brings us to Obama:

How does the Illuminati kill you? Well they make sure that you have all of the drugs that you can have and they get you addicted to drugs (legal or illegal). Just yesterday, when Obama was flying into Orange County, Ca (where Whitney Houston was living)--a drug plane got busted by Air Force One because it was flying in Obama's air space. Who controls these drug planes? The CIA and Wall Street Illuminati Banking Families.
This drug plane had a shipment of drugs for the Hollywood Illuminati and while the media is saying that this plane only had marijuana on board, it actually had cocaine....LOTS OF COCAINE.
There was so much of cocaine on this plane that was grounded in Long Beach, Ca by Obama's "people" that two ICE Agents in Long Beach, Ca started shooting at each other, in the Federal Building for screwing up the shipment. The media will lie to you but I will tell you what really goes down with these people.

Where does this cocaine go?  It goes to LA Sheriff Lee Baca, Beverly Hills PD, Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Bros Studio.
It matters not that Houston died on Feb. 11, Obama was in Southern California the morning of Feb. 16 and the ICE shootings were that same evening . . . WTF? The plot had already thickened years earlier, when the Hollywood Illuminati got Brown clean and Houston busted in Hawaii and at airports. They threatened to jail her family members, including Dionne Warwick, who was to be gang raped by Brazilian prison guards if Houston did not comply.

The Hollywood Illuminati made sure Houston's drug dealer was with her in Beverly Hills before the Grammys. Creoleguy32 even claims to know who it is, though he won't dish. So, why kill her? Because her Illuminati Contract was to expire before she turned 50.

She was injected with a substance in her butt, she saw the shadow of a needle when she was on her hotel room bed and got paranoid because when she turned around, no one was there

She thought her mind was playing tricks on her. She broke out into a cold sweat, ran the water to the tub as she tried to go on the toilet, she grew weak and thought that she was coming down with a flu or virus because she was sweating so much and when she got into the tub, barely able to walk, she fainted and drowned. She died a hard death. It was painful.

She was murdered. Killed by the Illuminati.

Sure, this all makes nothing but sense. But I fear Creoleguy32 is ignoring other key evidence . . .

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