New Orleans Bayou Bash! Continues at Disneyland

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Fat Tuesday may very well be over (if seeing people walk around with dirt on their foreheads today wasn't clue enough), but the Mardi Gras celebration taking place in New Orleans Square at Disneyland is just ramping up.

Learn more about Disneyland's Mardi Gras event New Orleans Bayou Bash! after the jump, and see a video of what park goers can expect to see in the park over the next few weekends.

Disneyland's Mardi Gras event New Orleans Bayou Bash! started February 10th in New Orleans Square, but the fun will continue in the park for nine more days.

​The party runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the next three weekends in a row. From 10AM to 5PM, Disneyland will let their beads down on these remaining dates:

- February 24, 25, 26
- March 2, 3, 4
- March 9, 10, 11

So what do the festivities include?
Meet-and-greets with Disney characters dressed up in Mardi Gras garb, including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale, and performances by Princess Tiana, Louis and Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog.

Musical performances from the Jambalaya Jazz Band and Royal Street Bachelors at the French Market Stage, as well as the New Orleans Traditional Jazz Band playing throughout the day in New Orleans Square.

And food! My Lord, the food! Blue Bayou Restaurant dishes up a bowl of bouillabaisse with lobster, red snapper, cockle clams, shrimp and mussels. Really want to stop your heart? Try some bacon-cheddar popcorn!

​If your teeth are more sweet than they are savory, be sure to check out the fried apple fritters a la mode at Blue Bayou, or the chocolate and red velvet cupcakes and bananas Foster cheesecake with caramel rum sauce at French Market. If you don't have diabetes just yet, top it all off with some beignets and a mint julep.

Sounds like the only boobs making an appearance out at this Mardi Gras celebration are man-boobs!

Get to Disneyland's New Orleans Bayou Bash! this weekend! Your tastebuds will thank you for it... and your heart will hate you.

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Diane J
Diane J

Look, do you have to bash the Catholic practice of receiving ashes? Would you do the same to customs of other religious faiths? Are you an equal opportunity discriminator?

And as long as I'm here, most of the Disney things you write about with regard to behind the scenes have been told before. I used to work there, too. Please no more, I beg of you.

Kevin Kittridge
Kevin Kittridge

I'm with YOU, Diane!

I also find my time is best used by reading articles about things I already know and complaining when I already knew that information.

That, and rubbing filth into my forehead.

Take a nap.


Yes, I think ALL religions are equally as dumb (most Atheists do), so I could easily (and would gladly) make fun of all of them.

And as long as I'M here, I'll tell you that if you don't like my posts you don't have to read 'em. 

Or you could continue to read them, hate them, and post troll comments like you just did above. Either way, it's no sweat off my sack, lady.


So the writers at the Weekly only want to hear PRAISE, is that it?  


Thanks, I will not be reading them any more nor providing tips to certain writers.   But I would think that you would have a thicker skin - you can write offensively but you cannot take any criticism.


I thought you weren't reading or commenting anymore.


Okay... I should not have complained about your overall column.  I do regret it, and I apologize.  It is fine, nothing to complain about.  Maybe you should leave the religion beat to Gustavo and the new writer.  Also, Matt Coker is very skilled at handling criticism - he can really deflect comments easily, and most of the time he is funny about it.  


Nope. Just don't want to hear some bitter asshat complain all the time. You know, like most people.


Hey, lady, I'm not the one crying like a little bitch with a skinned knee.

Also, for future reference, "Please no more, I beg of you" isn't criticism. It's just a shitty thing to say. You know, like saying, "Maybe if you had gotten past the tenth grade you would KNOW what the word criticism means." It's just being shitty for shitty sake.

And ironically, most of your comments are. I went through your past comments and most of them are just complaining and whining. 

Maybe I DO need thicker skin. And maybe you need to learn when to keep the skin around your trap shut.

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