Medical Records for 21,000 OC Patients Were Google-able For a Year

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Matt Bors
Doctor-patient confidentiality? Not so much at St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton and Mission Hospital in Laguna Beach.

The two hospitals accidentally made the medical records of more than 21,000 patients publicly searchable on the web. Names, lab results, medications, allergies, body mass indexes and demographics could be found by any weirdo with an internet connection. (Social security numbers and financial information were not available.) This was happening for an entire year, KTLA reports, until an attorney for one patient raised a red flag in the past week, and the websites were finally secured. 

Prior to this, there were no reports of anyone accessing the confidential records.
Pretty unsettling stuff. I much prefer to announce my ailments voluntarily on Facebook.

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Christopher Neal

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