The OCeeker: Mars Hill Church Orange County and the Sex-Crazed Preacher

Editor's note: Ladies and germs, you might've noticed a new byline invading our asylum, that of Josh Dulaney--an Orange County boy who spent the past couple of years at the San Bernardino Sun harassing group sex-obsessed cops, horny priests, and white supremacists wanting to run for Mexi-dominated school boards. Our type of guy!

Better yet, Josh wants to do something we've been dreaming about for years at your favorite infernal rag: worship reviews, a necessary endeavor in the land of Warren, Brownie, and Calvary Chapel. So behold the debut of the OCeeker, where Josh will write his latest find--whether Holy Rollers, mosques, parish, or Zoroastrianism center in the search for the holy, the sacred, and the freaky.

Now, on to the OCeeker!

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Let me tell you my funny Mars Hill church story.  And this is no bullshit.  My sisters go to the one in West Seattle.  I went up there for my youngest sister's wedding.  I was bored and we were waiting in one of their halls.  I noticed a bunch of informative booklets on the wall so I walked over to check them out.  

The first one I came across was Men and Masturbation.  This I had to check out.  I read and essentially it was blasting men who masturbated as unholy.  But the best line in the entire booklet was this (and I am not shitting you on this), "If you masturbate and look in a mirror at the same time you are gay."

Man oh man it doesn't get any better than that.  Are you fucking kidding me?  And you people think the Catholic Church is bad.  Damn.


"Indeed, evangelical churches have been overrun by fork-tongued women who lament the lack of men involved in ministry while clamoring for positions of prominence." I am very curious as to the basis for this statement. More to the point, who the fuck are you talking about here and what facts back you up?

mitch young
mitch young

I didn't know that we had Seminoles in California -- but since OC Weekly's banner ads are inviting me to come to their casino, I guess we do.


JD:  Good job exposing this fraud and highlighting the central Evangelical tenet, "you all suck and you're gonna die in a fire -- ha ha!"

I asked a Japanese friend how he could be a Calvin (Evangelical) and thus condemn his entire Japanese ancestry simply because they were born in the wrong place at the wrong time.  His response, "it's a bitter pill to swallow."


Really, I'm good with the rest of the article; never much of a fan of Mark Driscoll, his myriad published works or the many sentiments he's put forth, and a "church plant" in the hotbed of evangelical proliferation is a joke. But this statement comes from nowhere and has no other reference to back it up. So, rev, back it up.


 pretty sure the term you were looking for is "calvinist". and no, it is not synonymous with "evangelical".

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