Attorney for Former Lance Armstrong Cycling Teammate Unsurprised Doping Probe is Dead

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"There was plenty of evidence of doping, but the fact that there may have been doping doesn't necessarily mean a federal crime was committed."

-Chris Manderson, a Newport Beach attorney, reacting via New York Daily News to federal prosecutors dropping a two-year investigation into allegations seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong and members of his cycling team used banned drugs to boost performance.

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As we reported last May, Manderson since 2009 has advised Tyler Hamilton, who appeared on 60 Minutes last spring to accuse his former cycling teammate Armstrong of doping.

Manderson, whose Manderson Schafer & McKinlay firm first represented Hamilton when the cyclist tested positive for drugs, decided with his client to consent to the 60 Minutes interview "to get out in front of this and tell his story."

While the United States Attorney's office has dropped its probe of Armstrong and his former teammates, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency is still investigating.

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