Another Thing to Avoid on Laguna Woods Streets: a Sobriety Checkpoint

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Anyone who regularly motors through a retirement community like Laguna Woods knows to take a defensive-driving posture. Signal-free lane changes, inconsistent relationships with gas and brake pedals, and overall blind-as-a-fruit-bat driving are common the closer you get to old-age homes.

Tonight, drivers have something else to worry about . . .

. . . a DUI checkpoint.

"I SAID, 'HAVE YOU HAD ANYTHING TO DRINK THIS EVENING, MA'AM!'" you can imagine the inquiring copper shouting through the glass to a granny holding an ear cone.

"Yes, it is cold enough for a mink wrap this evening, sonny," she might answer back.


"No, Lutheran."

The Orange County Sheriff's Department, which runs this circus from 6:30 tonight through 2:30 a.m. Saturday, isn't saying exactly where they will be setting up in Laguna Woods. But I'd be suspicious of anyone out on the streets after 9 p.m. That's when TV Land starts its Everybody Loves Raymond block

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I wonder how many illegal aliens they will stop...NONE.LWV is a good place for them to waste their time, and get courteous remarks from residents.It might be almost comical to see a rookie sheriff to try to tell off an octgenerian!

Raymundo Garcia
Raymundo Garcia

This has never made any sense to me telling fucking drunk drivers were the check points are so they can avoid them. will at least this time there only giving out the city and not the actual street address but in all reality if they wanted to catch some motherfuckers driving drunk they really should not give out any info. I dislike drunk drivers with a passion one of the reasons is when they crash and kill some innocent person they themselves come out of it with no injuries 


Probably near Moulton & El Toro.

It's not the blue hairs they're after. LW is situated across those two major thoroughfares and makes a major business of cashing in on passers-by with traffic tickets and red light cameras.


Hell yeah... Stickin it to the blue hairs! 

Did you ever see that news story where the retirement community The Villages FL had the highest outbreaks in STDs in the country... Oldie singles like to mingle! 

Raymundo Garcia
Raymundo Garcia

You no what you do with RED LIGHT camera tickets? you waist time go to court and say NOT GUILTY! and because you have a right to confront and question your accuser the $425.00 ticket is dismissed.  

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