Kobe Bryant Employs Fast Break Against Ohio Woman in Lawsuit

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Bryant's remains quick on and off the court
Kobe Bryant has repeatedly avoided receiving an official court summons filed by an Ohio woman who claims the superstar Los Angeles Laker had sex with her and deceitfully promised marriage, according to records filed in Orange County Superior Court.

The Weekly first revealed Selina Renee Miller's bizarre lawsuit in June 2011, but the case has been stuck in limbo because nobody--not the NBA, Lakers management, Bryant's managers or the ultra-wealthy pro athlete--wants to be served notice of the legal action.

A registered California process server, Albert Palomera, claims that he made seven attempts in December to personally serve Bryant mostly at the Lakers training facility, but was ordered away by team guards.

In one case, a team guard told the Palomera, "Mr. Bryant does not wish to receive any legal papers at this time," according to a court document.

The server claims he returned five days later and was again ordered to leave by a guard, who "assumed I was attempting to serve Mr. Bryant with divorce papers" from his wife, Vanessa.

That same day, Mrs. Bryant--a resident of Newport Coast, Orange County's most exclusive gated community--filed for divorce.

(Yesterday, the Weekly's Matt Coker wrote about a report that the couple might reconcile.)

In the Miller case, Bryant's slealth strategy apparently is working: Last month, Superior Court Judge Steven L. Perk ordered Miller to "give written notice" of the lawsuit to Bryant or face case dismissal at a scheduled June 24 hearing.

(Here's one fool-proof perch to serve Bryant: Borrow Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson's court-side Staples Center seat.)

In a telephone interview with the Weekly just after she filed her lawsuit, a chatty Miller said that Bryant repeatedly visited her--and other Ohio women--for sex; and she wasn't happy that one of the other ladies allegedly received a ring.

Miller also claimed that Bryant thought she was a prostitute.

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--R. Scott Moxley

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Wow.  She sounds like such a classy young lady.  She admits he thought she was a prostitute???  I wonder what gave him that impression.  Sounds like she was a prostitute, and he was not so interested in her when she threw herself at him.  And now she's pissed she didn't get paid.  Next time get the money up front honey, (As I'm sure she usually does)  except when she sees an opportunity for a shakedown.  Local police should look into this grifter.  Flip over this log and you will find slugs filth and bugs scattering everywhere.


You can sue men if they lie to you about wanting to marry you?

So I guess men can sue women who lie and say they can't get pregnant, or that they are on the pill, and then get pregnant, right?


If someone lives in a gated community (which Kobe probably does), service is effective by serving the guard at the gate.  Code of Civil Procedure sec. 415.21.  Also, she can get a court order for service by publication, i.e. publishing the notice in the newspaper.  CCP sec. 415.50.


Hey, why not? It happened to a friend of mine. He and his lady had entered into marriage with the agreement that they would not have children...and in less than a year she was magically pregnant and wanted to keep the baby. Of course he cares for his child, but the marriage began dissolving after she was born. He keeps in contact with his daughter, but he refuses to speak to the ex. Gee, I wonder why...


that baby is mine......................lol and your friend is paying for it...........SANCHO anybody?.

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